April 4, 2014

"Despicable Me" one eyed minion

I just finished this cake for pick up tomorrow morning.  One very lucky birthday boy will be celebrating his birthday and sharing this cake with his friends. 

Ethan's mom contacted me and told me that Ethan loves the movie "Despicable Me" and his favourite minion is the one eyed minion, so that's exactly what we gave him.  Ana said Ethan specifically told her that he had to have a bit of a goofy face, lol.

The minion is carved from a 9"x13" slab cake. Chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla butter cream. The minion's body is covered in yellow butter cream while the overalls and all other details are done in fondant.

Have a very happy birthday Ethan and enjoy your "Despicable Me" birthday!

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