January 25, 2011

Tina's 40th

This past Saturday was a busy one for us.  Mel's friend Tina celebrated her 40th birthday and hubby threw her a surprise birthday party.  He asked Mel if we could make her cake.  Tina loves shoes and handbags so we set out to make her a pair of shoes, handbag and a shoe box. Tina's favourite colour is pink so we had to incorporate that into the theme.  She also loves red velvet cake, so the handbag was made with red velvet cake and cream cheese filling.  Hubby requested chocolate cakes so we made the shoe box with chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  Mel and Phil were guests so they had 1st hand to the reaction of the cake. Everyone loved it and Tina was delighted and thought the shoes were real, LOL.  These are our 2nd attempt at making shoes, not bad, getting better......take a look and you be the judge.

Here's a picture of the shoes as they were drying, Mel painted them with black food colouring and a little vodka to give them the patent leather look.  All details were made with fondant other than the shoes, the roses and the straps on the purse which were made with gum paste. And if you look closely at the shoe box, the lid is trimmed with white edible pearls.


Spider man, Spider man........

Here's a last minute cake for this past Saturday, 22nd of January requested from a friend of a friend......don't you just love how that works. Anyway, the cake was for Ethan turning 5 who loves Spider man.  8" round vanilla cake with strawberry cream & fresh strawberries for the filling covered in white fondant with edible picture of Spider man. Web spun with black icing, Ethan's name & the # 5 done with fondant.   I had fun making this one.  Hope you enjoy your cake.

Happy birthday Ethan!

January 18, 2011

Snowboarding birthday

Hi again. We just had a cake picked up for this evening's celebration. Actually Rebecca's birthday isn't until February 5th but since she lives in Vancouver and is visiting this week her mom wanted to celebrate her birthday a little early.  So she asked us to make her cake.  Though not a large cake it was a little challenging. Rebecca loves to snowboard and what better to commemorate her day with something she loves, but mom wanted to incorporate roses in her cake, hm mm, snowboarding.....roses......somehow I didn't think the 2 actually went together.  So Mel & I had to get a little creative.  We thought about Vancouver, you can snowboard up in the mountains and then come down to greenery including flowers, hm mm. So we decided to split the cake, top part as the mountains for snowboarding with the snow trickling down to the green hills with...yes....roses. I was told that Rebecca's favourite colour is yellow so we made sure her snowboard was yellow and so are her roses.  Have a look and see what you think.......we think it turned out quite cute.....now let's hope they do too.

The cake is an 8"  3 layer vanilla cake with lemon filling. Everything except the snowboards (which are made from gum paste) are made with fondant. 

We hope you enjoy your visit with family & friends.

January 17, 2011

Christening Day

Hi everyone.  Yesterday, Sun Jan 16th was a mile stone in the lives of 2 little guys, Nicholas and Joshua. They were christened into the Catholic church and we were asked to help celebrate this momentous occasion by making a cake and of course we were more than delighted.  Their grandmother, my BFF requested a cake to resemble a book and wanted their picture to be incorporated on the cake.  Here is a picture of Nicholas and Joshua's cake;


The cake was chocolate with strawberry cream & fresh strawberries for the filling. The Calla lilies and butterflies are made from gum paste, all else is fondant. The butterflies were hand painted with edible food colour mixed with a little vodka.  I love the cross design but we can not take credit for the design. We saw this design in Doodle-cakes.com and loved it.  The feedback on the cake was wonderful.  Everyone loved the look and taste.  Just what we love to hear.   Well, congratulations Nicholas and Joshua!