August 25, 2013

Victoria's Christening

This morning I just dropped off the cake we did for Victoria's Christening being held today. Victoria is the beautiful daughter of Mel's new boss.  When requesting this cake Victoria's mom didn't want to know what design we were going to come up with as she wanted to be surprised. Her only criteria was that it have Lilac in the design and that the design was to be girly.

This 2 tiered cake is red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling. We pulled the design ideas from a cake Mel found online. The bottom tier is covered in the lilac fondant and bordered 1st with a band of white surrounded by lilac ribbon roses.

The top tier was done in white with a gum paste cross front and centre and topping it off with a little sleeping baby done in gum paste covered in a little blanket. The sides have fondant swags on either side. We added a few white dragee and scattered lilac flowers.

We finished the look with a gum paste bow off to the side.  Victoria's mom was very surprised and pleased when I dropped off the cake. We were delighted to make this cake for Victoria on her special day.

August 24, 2013

Transformers birthday

This morning we had a pick up for a birthday cake and cookies in the Bumble Bee Transformers theme. Xzavier turns 7 and his mom told us he loves Transformers. 

We purchased a Bumble Bee Transformer (his favourite character from the movie) for this cake so that Xzavier would have the toy to keep and not to mention the detail of the transformer is way beyond our sculpting talents, lol. 

Since Xzavier does not like anything chocolate and just to add some fun when they cut into the cake and we tinted the batter of our vanilla cake with black and yellow to give it a marble effect. Then we filled the cake with vanilla mousse.

The Transformers emblem on the front of the cake was cut out of black fondant and a couple of Bumble Bee rings were added for Xzavier and his little brother to share.

Our sugar cookies were also requested for this party so Xzavier can give one to each of his friends attending the party as part of their loot bag.  Edible Transformer images were used and mounted on fondant.

Happy 7th Birthday Xzavier!

Oh the places they'll go!

Last night marked another mile stone in our family. We celebrated my niece Alanna's bridal shower and of course we were thrilled to be able to make her a cake for this special evening. Dona, the matron of honour, was in charge of making this a memorable event with the chosen the theme of travel.

Bright colours of rustic orange and turquoise with a touch of gold were the theme colours so we used the colours to create Alanna's cake. 

The light lemony slab cake is filled with a lemon curd and white chocolate mousse and covered in the rustic orange fondant. Fun swirls were used for the imprints. The turquoise cosmetic bag is imprinted with a quilted design and a gold zipper.

We used edible prints for the destination stickers and the passports. The destinations include the 3 locations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland which Alanna and Mike will be vacationing during their honeymoon this coming November. Also included is Italy (Alanna's background), Portugal (Mike's background) and of course Canada.

The buckles and lock were made from gum paste and a fondant bag tag was added along with edible passports.

We also made cookies for Alanna's shower which were added to each guests favours to take home. Our yummy sugar cookies and in keeping with the travel theme were shaped into airplanes.
Can't wait for your wedding, you will make a beautiful bride and we are excited that our little Jules will be a part of your big day as your flower girl.

Congratulations Alanna, we love you.

Alicia's wedding

Yesterday marked a special day for Alicia. What can be more special than marrying the one you love. Alicia originally decided not to have a cake for the reception but then changed her mind and gave us a call. We were more than happy to be a part of her big day.

Both tiers are vanilla cake filled with our yummy vanilla butter cream. 

Purple and silver were Alicia's chosen colours for her wedding so we made a large purple rose the focal point of this 2 tiered cake and gave the rest of the cake a simple but elegant touch by adding  little silver dragee for sparkle here and there.

A little bling surrounds the gently ruffled petals covering the bottom tier. Each petal was placed individually with the edges touched with a little silver luster.

We wish the newlyweds all the best for a future together filled with lots of love and laughter.


August 19, 2013

A Barbie Birthday

Another year has gone by and Reese has turned "6", WOW! Her mom asked us to help her celebrate with a cake and this year the theme was Barbie. Her invitations inspired the design of this cake.

This single tiered cake is our favourite chocolate fudge cake filled with white chocolate mousse. The flowers and other details are made from fondant.

The Barbie dress is constructed from Rice Krispie treats and covered in fondant. The Barbie on the invitation is actually sporting a mini skirt but we dressed this Barbie for a special party keeping her in the same colours.


Happy Birthday Reese!

August 13, 2013

Wedding cake in butter cream

Also this past Saturday we were asked to make a wedding cake celebrating Susan's wedding. Through a mutual friend she contacted us and requested a 4 tier cake in buttercream.

The picture above was taken at the venue. Since the cakes are covered in butter cream swirls and being delivered almost an hour away we chose to make the cake with floating tiers which allowed us to deliver the cake safely and assemble on site.

Susan's flower of choice was roses and in this beautiful fuchsia pink. We also added a few smaller white roses tipped in the fuchsia and some plain white ribbon roses.

The four tiers consist of chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse for the bottom tier. Next up from the bottom is a lemon cake filled with lemon curd topped with vanilla mousse. Then we have a vanilla cake filled with a fresh lemon raspberry cream and finally the top tier is our yummy carrot cake filled with vanilla mousse.

We wish the newlyweds all the happiness for many wonderful years together.

A Farewell cake

One of the cakes we did this past Saturday was requested by Mel's new boss. His wife Jackie's parents have sold their house and are moving on. There are a lot of memories there that I'm sure will be cherished always. We were told that this house was well known for the gatherings by family and friends and so to bid it farewell Jackie's parents decided to throw one last party.  Jackie and her siblings thought it would be great to surprise for their parents in having a cake to celebrate their home one last time.

Jackie's brother came up with the design remembering the many bon fires that have been held in Peggy and Wayne's backyard which inspired the cast iron fire pit we made out of gum paste, with fondant logs and gum paste flames. Their house # is front and centre  here along with the years in which they moved in and will soon leave. A gum paste door knocker with their family name engraved is similar to the one that has been on their front door all these years. And of course the names of everyone who grew up there making all the wonderful memories along the way.

Our very popular chocolate fudge cake filled with a cookies and cream filling was a big hit according to Mel's boss Anthony.

We wish Peggy and Wayne all the best in creating new memories in the years to come.

August 12, 2013

Bon Jovi birthday

Here's a catch up on what's been going on.......been busy with my grand kids as Mel is now working full time and her baby sitter has been on times with the little ones, I enjoyed every minute but I forgot what it's like having 2 little ones around all day. I was exhausted by the end of each day and needless to say didn't get much of anything else done.......but I wouldn't have missed that time for the world.
In the middle of all that we did have a couple of cakes to do and one was for a friend's birthday. She is a very big Bon Jovi fan and her husband thought it would be a cute surprise to have a cake with Bon Jovi on it.

This 8" cake was made for Giulia with an edible print of Bon Jovi. He really is yummy so why not be able to take a bite out of him and not be arrested, lol. Chocolate fudge cake filled with cookies & cream with a few fondant and dragee details with a couple of ribbon roses.

Happy Birthday Giulia......hope you had a fabulous day and you enjoyed your cake.