August 13, 2013

A Farewell cake

One of the cakes we did this past Saturday was requested by Mel's new boss. His wife Jackie's parents have sold their house and are moving on. There are a lot of memories there that I'm sure will be cherished always. We were told that this house was well known for the gatherings by family and friends and so to bid it farewell Jackie's parents decided to throw one last party.  Jackie and her siblings thought it would be great to surprise for their parents in having a cake to celebrate their home one last time.

Jackie's brother came up with the design remembering the many bon fires that have been held in Peggy and Wayne's backyard which inspired the cast iron fire pit we made out of gum paste, with fondant logs and gum paste flames. Their house # is front and centre  here along with the years in which they moved in and will soon leave. A gum paste door knocker with their family name engraved is similar to the one that has been on their front door all these years. And of course the names of everyone who grew up there making all the wonderful memories along the way.

Our very popular chocolate fudge cake filled with a cookies and cream filling was a big hit according to Mel's boss Anthony.

We wish Peggy and Wayne all the best in creating new memories in the years to come.

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