February 9, 2015

Lady Bug Baby Shower

This past weekend I made a cake for a Baby Shower which was ordered by a close friend Tina.  Tina's cousin is expecting a new addition soon and friends and family threw her a little celebration for the upcoming event.

The theme for the baby shower was cute little lady bugs.  This 2 tiered cake is lemon cake filled with alternating layers of lemon curd and lemon mousse.  All details are made in fondant including our cute little lady bug topper.

If you look closely you will notice the cute little lashes on the little lady.

Best Wishes to the new family to be!


February 2, 2015

Jill's 60th

So I haven't done anything for January, took some time off and enjoyed my grand kids and a new start to a new year.........

Tomorrow, February 3rd, is my close friend and cousin by marriage, Jill's 60th birthday.  Her daughter Melissa and her 2 son's Anthony and Adamo threw their Mom a surprise birthday party held this past weekend, the 31st of January to be exact.  Melissa asked if I could make a cake for her Mom's party which hubby and I also attended.  Melissa gave me full reign on design and flavor but did express that her favourite flavor was our chocolate Guinness cake.  So I did make the chocolate Guinness cake and filled it with a white chocolate mousse.  And it was brought to my attention by Melissa and several others at the party that this combination tastes a lot like the "Joe Louie" cakes we know and love, LOL.

Knowing Jill, I knew that the cake had to be frilly and feminine and she loves the mauves and pink tones.  I chose this design because it somehow reminds me of Jill. 

The bottom tier is done in fondant ribbon roses covering the entire cake.  It took 7 roses to cover around the bottom tier.  I made them in white fondant and then dusted them in edible glitter dusts with pink centers and purple/mauve tips working their way out. I added fondant pearls to border the top tier with a darker pinky/mauve bottom row and a softer pink top row.

I topped the cake with a gum paste # 60 and a ribbon rose similar to the ones around the bottom tier only this one is made in gum paste.

I truly enjoyed making this for Jill and was thrilled to her reaction first hand at the party.  She loved her cake and asked if she could just take it home as it was because she thought it was be a shame to cut it, LOL.  But once it was cut she marveled at the taste and thanked me for her beautiful cake.


Christmas 2014

This year past Christmas I didn't do too much in the way of cakes. I decided to do one for our annual Christmas Eve get together with my husband's side of the family and a cake for what has come to be known as "Boxmas" with my side of the family.

I decided to do both cakes vanilla infused with red and green jello.  I used to make the jello infused cakes for my girls when they were little. The Jello not only makes the cake very moist but it also is quite pretty when cut into.  Both cakes are filled with white chocolate mousse.

This little drum cake was made for our Christmas Eve dessert.  All details done in fondant except for the poinsettia and holly are done with edible paper.  It seems to be quite popular these days and I had to try my hand at it. I used white edible paper and added luster dust for the colours.  Little red candies were used as the berries and center of the poinsettia.

For our Boxmas dessert I decided to do a buttercream bubble effect in white with the odd red or green added around the cake.  Again the poinsettia was done in the edible paper only this time I added a few leaves.

And now for the centre reveal.  The infused jello done in red and green;

Quite effective and oh so moist!

50th Birthday

Also the same weekend in December I was asked by Nancy, a good friend, to make a cake for her husband's 50th birthday.  Joe who is my brother-in-law's brother likes very simple things and according to his wife didn't care for a very elaborate cake. 

A very simple slab of vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse and the only design element they wanted on the cake were words describing Joe.

A Minnie Birthday

Also in December my God daughter's little girl turned 2.....and it seems her love for Minnie hasn't changed.  Last year I did a Minnie cake for her 1st birthday and Mommy said that Alexa still loves Minnie and requested another for her birthday this past December.

Alexa's favourite colour happens to be pink so of course pink had to play a big part in this cake. The bottom tier of this cake is chocolate fudge filled with white chocolate mousse alternated by a cookies and cream center filling.  Reportedly this combination was a big hit.

The top tier was vanilla with a surprise reveal of pink polka dots when cut into. I keep forgetting to ask for a picture of the cut cake to see how the reveal appeared but we did this for last years cake and Tanya (mom) requested it again and told me it was again a big hit with the guests.

All details on this cake were done in fondant.
A Very Happy 2nd Birthday Wish for our little Alexa!

December double birthdays

In December I had the pleasure of making two cakes for 2 special little birthday girls, sisters to be exact who share the same birthday month.  Their mom asked if I could make their cakes to help celebrate in which Sayde was celebrating a very special 1st birthday and her big sister Senya was turning 3.  Both cakes are in a wintery theme as requested by her Mom.

As per Mom, we gave little Sayde a cute little penquin to top off her cake.

Senya's cake is inspired by the none other than "Frozen" movie.....every little girl's favourite these days and in Senya's case Olaf takes center stage to top off her cake.

Both cakes were vanilla cake filled with cookies and cream buttercream.  All details are fondant except for Olaf and the little penquin which are made from gum paste.

Big birthday wishes went out to Birthday Girls!


Catch the Rainbow

Back in November I was asked by a good friend of mine to make a Skittles cake for her nephew who just loves Skittles.  It was a simple last minute cake done in vanilla with vanilla mousse and actual Skittles.

All details are fondant and actual Skittles. The cake was made to look like a bag of Skittles. This is the second bag of Skittles I have done.

According to my friend Maria, her nephew Alessandro loved his cake and enjoyed the added touch of his favourite treat, SKITTLES!

The great catch up.....

It's been a while since I last blogged, to be exact it was the beginning of November, my great nephew's Christening.  I've done a few cakes since then but just never got around to blog about them. To follow will be a few cakes I missed some from November & December 2014 and up to my current cake of this past weekend.  So stay tuned.......