September 30, 2015

Ruby's birthday gala

A friend of Melissa's asked for a cake to help celebrate a special birthday for her daughter Ruby the beginning of July 2015. It was a red carpet event with Ruby being the star.

The female figure was made with gum paste and fondant detailing, In a long black dress for the event and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ruby chose to share the stage with 2 of her favourite icons;

Silver sugar pearls were used to create the sparkle
Shortly after this cake was made hubby and I along with friends were off to enjoy a week long Mediterranean cruise out of Rome and a second week long stay in Sulmona.  Sulmona is famous for the almond candy confetti that is typically given out at weddings. This beautiful picturesque city is located in Abruzzo Italy. 

There are more cakes which I will be posting as it was back to work shortly after returning in August 2015.  So keep checking for my next update.

Ciao for now!

A "Frozen" birthday in June

June 18th marks a special day in our lives. Four short years earlier a special little girl was born and has stolen our hearts, my beautiful grand daughter Juliana.  This year Jules asked for her cake to be a "Frozen" theme. I think it's every little girls wish to have a cake with the Frozen theme.

This fun 2 tiered cake captures the feel for the movie, which I might add I have sat through a number of times watching it with Jules and Jacks for that matter.  I must confess I love the movie.......

Jules asked for a chocolate cake but wanted blue, purple and pink to be in the middle, lol, so that's exactly what I did.

The chocolate cake is filled with white chocolate mousse which I tinted to the colours Jules requested.

The characters were purchased at the Disney store.  This was also the 2nd time I attempted to use Cake Lace which I used to make some of the snow flakes.

All other snow flakes are made from gum paste and other design elements are fondant.

And here is our little princess herself, Juliana! Happy birthday my sweetness......I love you to the moon and back.........


1st weekend in June 2015

The 1st weekend of June was extremely busy, not only did I do the wedding cake with the big sunflowers, I had 4 other cakes that weekend.  Here they are not in any particular order;

This one was for a close friend of mine Maria who celebrated her 50th and hubby and I happened to be able to attend a surprise party for her.  I was thrilled to be able to make her a cake for such a momentous celebration.

I decided on a very girly cake in black & white with a punch of hot pink.  It reminded me of Maria. The 2 tiered cake is chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate mousse.  The bow and brooch are made from gum paste, the flowers are fondant with added pink sugar pearls for centers.

It was a great party and Maria was surprised, she had no clue.  Fun times had by all.

The next cake for that weekend was for a friend who was expecting twins. Friends and relatives celebrated by throwing a baby shower in her honour.  "Two Peas in a Pod" is the theme for this cake which was chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse.

The 2 little babies are made from gum paste, all other design elements are made from fondant.

Julia has since had her twins, 1 healthy boy and 1 healthy girl.....all set and super busy I'm sure.

This next cake for the same weekend was also for a baby shower but this one they knew it was to be a little pink bundle. 

2 tiered cake in pink, green and white with a buttons and bows theme and cute pair of gum paste Mary Janes to top off the cake.  All other details are done in fondant.

The last one for the weekend was made for an 80th birthday celebration.  A very simple 3 tiered cake with a gold crown to honour the Queen of the family.

All details done in fondant with the exception of the single flower topper which is done in gum paste.

Well that concludes the 1st weekend in June 2015.  I'm getting closer to getting caught up. So please check back soon.

September 16, 2015

June wedding

I was asked by a close friend of my daughter to make her wedding cake. I've known Jen for some time and was thrilled when my daughter said she was getting married. But when she requested this cake and told me her wedding was to be held in Niagara I honestly thought "no way". That would be almost 2 hours in summer driving and I wasn't about to deliver a cake to Niagara.  Jen was so funny and said "no problem my parents will bring it with them".  My concern was if the cake would make it in one piece and Jen said "who cares if does it does if not oh well". I had to laugh at her simple attitude of what will be will be, don't stress it.  She just wanted me to make her cake and so I did.

She really had no big ideas on the cake only that I incorporated sunflowers and frangipani flowers.  Sunflowers because they are her favourite and the frangipani reminded her of Australia where she lived for a year.  We decided to go with square cakes as they would transport better, a little sturdier I would think.

Jen was having an outdoor wedding and her colours were very earthy tones.

I can't remember which is which but Jen opted for Chocolate Stout cake filled with white chocolate mousse and Pumpkin Apple Spice filled with Caramel cream cheese filling. The design on the bottom tier was a last minute detail added in fondant strips as I felt the bottom tier was too plain.

I have made gum paste sun flowers before but I found this awesome tutorial on line (sorry can't remember by who). The method of making this flower was tedious to say the least but very effective. Each petal is wired and inserted into the center and there are a lot of petals that make up one sun flower let me tell you.  But if I have to make sun flowers again this is the way to go, well worth the effort as they look so real.  I was very happy with the way they turned out.

This was the 1st time I made Frangipani flowers, actually I had no idea what kind of flower they were, I had to look them up.  They are a very simple flower that is twisted into spirals. I thought though they are a simple plain flower they are rather pretty.  The twiggy things I put around the cake are wires covered in brown and twisted in various shapes to resemble branches or twigs. Jen saw them in a picture of a cake and said she like them.

Oh and by the way the cake did make it in one piece. Melissa and Phil along with my 2 grandkids attended the wedding and said the cake was a huge hit.


Communion time May 2015

This 1st Communion cake was done for Owen who is a neighbor of my daughter Mel. They wanted something simple but had the elements of Communion.

All details included a 2D challis, a fondant bible and fondant rosary.
This next communion cake was done for a friend who was attending her friend's son Communion and offered the cake as a gift.

This cake also has a fondant bible with a fondant rosary.

April 25-26th weekend

On the 25th of April a special little boy was Christened.  His mom called me up and asked if I would make a cake to help them celebrate this occasion.  This 2 tier was done in soft blue and white, with a gum paste cross topper, all other details were done in fondant with added white sugar pearls.

This next cake was for a special little boy Tristan who was celebrating his birthday.  Tristan just loves trains so we made him his own 3D train cake.  According to Mom he didn't want to cut and eat it he wanted to play with it. LOL

We had this train coming out of a tunnel. The train was all cake done in vegan chocolate and the tunnel along with the small mountain/hill were done in our yummy vegan vanilla. All cakes were filled with vegan vanilla buttercream.


September 15, 2015

April 18th 2015

Okay so this cake which I did for the 18th of April was so fun to make but I found it to be a odd request for a baby shower. This was requested by a friend of my friend Tina and apparently the mommy to be likes penguins and hockey. So the gals throwing her surprise baby shower thought it would be cute to incorporate a little daddy, mommy and baby penguin skating and possibly playing how did I do in my interpretation?

Here's Mommy and Daddy Penguin and Daddy penguin is all set for a game of hockey.......notice the skates on the penguins.  Found this real cute tutorial on how to make these adorable penguins.

and here is baby penguin who's fallen down....he needs a few more lessons from dad

and of course they wanted "They Scored!" as the saying on the cake.....I guess they are referring to Mommy and Daddy.....or maybe it's just a hockey thing LOL.

April 12 weekend 2015

Here are a few more cakes made for the weekend of April 12, 2015.

This 1st one was made for my good friend's mom who turned 80. No real specifications on design just wanted something feminine and elegant.


The next cake and cupcakes were for a pretty little girl's birthday. A giant cupcake with a fondant cherry on top.  She loves polka dots....can you tell.

The polka dots on these cupcakes are actually candy coated chocolates.....just a little added treat to the chocolate cupcakes.

This next cake was for a little girls Christening. Her mom had seen a similar cake on line so I can't take credit for the design, I just put my own style to it.  This is one of my favourite cakes I have done......

The cakes are wrapped with strips of fondant and the cascade of flowers are made from gum paste

Stay tuned, more to come........