October 27, 2013

Jackson's Lego Ninjago birthday

Yesterday we helped celebrate a special little boy's birthday, my grandson and Mel's son Jackson is turning 4. His actual birthday is this coming Tuesday but his Lego Ninjago themed birthday party was held yesterday at The Play Cube. When asked what cake he wanted for his birthday Jackson was very specific, it had to be chocolate with vanilla and Lego Ninjago.

I have no idea the names of the characters but I asked Jackson which one he liked the best and he said the "red" guy, the "blue" guy, the "black" guy and the "green" guy and their father "Sensei".  Too cute.

The bottom tier is chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla mousse as per Jackson's specific  instructions.

The top tier we decided to go with a seasonal favourite our pumpkin apple spice cake filled with a caramel cream cheese.  We made this flavor for one of the tiers of the fall wedding cake we did last week and it was a big hit so we thought we'd like some for ourselves and share it with the guests at Jackson's party as well.  And again it was a big hit.

These little characters are made from fondant
and placed around the bottom tier
while "Sensei" is placed on top
watching over them 


We have done 2 cakes previously in the Lego Ninjago theme which was based on the cover of a book that the birthday boy had for our 1st request. It also had the little ninja in 3D and "Sensei" was done in a 2D effect on top of the cake. We decided to go a little differently on this cake. Ideas were taken from other cakes found online and Jackson picked out one similar to what we made him.

A few fondant Lego pieces were added and the magic sword placed at Sensei's feet.  All in all I think the cake turned out great and I know for a fact Jackson loved it and so did all his little friends at the party.

And here's our birthday boy with his little sister beside him and a few friends around getting ready to blow out the candles.  He's such a "Chandler Bing" when you ask him to smile for a picture, lol.



October 21, 2013

60th Birthday

This cake request was also for a milestone birthday being celebrating Sunday.  Melissa and her sisters wanted to surprise their Mom for her 60th with a cake.

This cake design was requested from a picture that they saw on line. A very feminine cake done in soft greys and pink with a touch of bling.

Both tiers are vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries.  The bottom tier is covered in butter cream rosettes with added silver sugar pearls. The top tier is covered in a soft grey fondant bordered in a string of bling and topped with a gum paste fantasy rose done in soft pinks.

Best of wishes for a wonderful birthday!

65th birthday

Sunday was also a day for milestone birthdays.  Picked up early Sunday morning to help celebrate Steph's mother-in-law's birthday with a family luncheon was this simply feminine cake request.

The bottom 8" tier is a vanilla vegan cake filled with vegan butter cream and fresh strawberries and the top tier is a 6" vanilla gluten free cake filled with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries.

Decorated in burgundy and white and topped with a pretty gum paste fantasy flower.

Warm wishes for a wonderful birthday!

BMW vacuum cleaner

Also this past Saturday I delivered another cake we made. As requested by a previous customer Mary we made her husband's 40th birthday cake.  The request; a vacuum cleaner. Apparently her husband John is a clean fanatic and loves to vacuum......send him over to my place, lol. 

Everything is edible except for the handle which is a long wooden dowel covered in fondant and glued to the board.  Though a challenge this cake was fun to make.  The vacuum is made up of an 8" cake for the base followed by a 6" cake and 4" rounds making up the canister part. 

John is also a chocolate lover so the cakes are our delicious and popular chocolate Guinness filled with vanilla mousse.  Though the vacuum is sort of fashioned from a Dirt Devil, this one has a BMW logo as the BMW is John's favourite car.

John, being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, we added some blue maple leafs in hopes of a clean sweep this season. The board is covered in white fondant textured to resemble carpet and with a few cookie crumbs and maple leafs waiting to be cleaned up.


Happy 40th John!
We wish you many more happy years!

Autumn wedding

This past week end was a busy one for us. First up was the wedding of Sara and Tony who are friends of Mel's. Sara had asked Mel about having us make her wedding cake the moment she got engagement. Tony is a chocoholic so there had to be chocolate in this cake, lol, as instructed by Tony. Sara also loves chocolate but wanted to have something different and in keeping with the Autumn theme.

So in making both happy this 3 tiered cake is covered in chocolate fondant. The top 2 tiers are Tony's favourite flavor our chocolate Guinness cake filled with chocolate ganache and vanilla mousse. The bottom tier is a pumpkin apple spice cake filled with caramel butter cream.

The orange calla lilies are striking against the chocolate and matched perfectly to the bouquets the bridesmaids were carrying.

Mel and Phil were among the guests helping celebrate Sara's and Tony's special day and I heard from a reliable source that the cake was a big hit. The ceremony and reception were held at the Hockley Valley Resort and though it rained all day the special day proved to be a great success and then you know what they say "if it rains on your wedding day it's a life time of good luck and happiness".  We wish Sara and Tony many years of happiness and thank you for letting us be a part of your day.


October 15, 2013

Giant cupcake 4th Birthday

This past Sunday a birthday celebration was held for a special little girl, Adriana.   Adriana and my grandson Jackson have been friends since the day they were born and are only 3 weeks apart in age.  Jackson and my granddaughter Juliana were among Adriana's family and friends to help her celebrate.

Since Adriana loves cupcakes her mom asked if we could make her a giant cupcake in her favourite colour pink with chocolate (of course) and a cherry on top.

The bottom tier of this cake is Chocolate Guinness filled with white chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. The top tier is chocolate vegan filled with cookies & cream vegan butter cream.

Adriana loves cupcakes and her favourite colour is pink. The design was given to us by her mom.  All the details on this cake is done with fondant and added dragee (sugar pearls).

Happy 4th Birthday Adriana!

October 13, 2013

Allegra's 1st Birthday

It seems just a short time ago when we made Allegra's Christening cake and now she is turning one. Allegra's mom Jessica called and asked for a special cake for her special little girl....her theme....."Mickey Mouse". 

We have done the Mickey Mouse clubhouse a couple of times before and this time we thought we would do it slightly different.  The glove balloon came into mind and wouldn't you know it Jessica sent me a copy of the invite for Allegra's party and it featured the glove balloon with Mickey & Minnie in it, so the idea grew from there and Jessica loved the idea we came up with.

The clubhouse was created in a 2D effect in fondant using the blue sky as a back drop with white puffy clouds and lush green hills and trees surrounding it.

The glove balloon is a sponge ball covered in white fondant held up by 4 wooden skewers serving as the balloon ropes with the # 1 proudly displayed on the balloon.  The basket holding Mickey & Minnie is made from gum paste.


The cakes are made up of red velvet with a cream cheese filling for the bottom tier and chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mousse for the top tier.

We wish little Allegra "A Very Happy 1st Birthday!"

October 9, 2013

50 Years of Smiles!

50 Years of Smiles is what the Brampton Meals on Wheels was celebrating yesterday with a luncheon at the Pearson Convention Centre. The Mayor of Brampton along with approx. 150 guests were proud to be celebrating such a wonderful accomplishment.  We were asked by Rosa, who works for Peel Region and who was one of the people helping to put this event together, if we could come up with a cake design for the event.

Vanilla cake with lemon butter cream was the flavor request for this slab which ended up measuring 24" x 18".  Their logo was recreated in fondant and placed at the front of the cake, and as you can see it literally represents a "meal on wheels".....how cute. So as the topper we thought why not keep with the theme and literally make a "meal on wheels".

The platter was made with gum paste and I actually used one of my real platters as a form and fondant wheels were added. The food was made from fondant and to give the chicken legs a crispy fried chicken look crushed corn flakes were used.  Icing was used for the mash potatoes with added melted chocolate as the gravy. Since the celebration theme was "50 years of Smiles" we put little smiles on the carrots and green beans.

Congratulations on 50 wonderful years of service Meals on Wheels has provided for our community and many thanks to the wonderful workers and volunteers who make this service such a great success.

October 5, 2013

SEW perfect!

My daughter Amanda and her sister-in-law Jen asked if I could come up with a cake for Jen's mom (Amanda's Mother-in-law) for her 60th birthday.  When I think of Sue I always think of the beautiful aprons she sews and all the crafty stuff she makes. So when it came to thinking of a theme for her birthday cake I thought "Sewing".

This 10" vanilla cake is filled with a fresh lemon raspberry butter cream. Everything on this cake is edible except for the dowel holding up the mannequin and I used wire to make the pins for the pin cushion.

I made a little fun apron for our mannequin though the aprons that Sue makes are much prettier. She made me and Melissa an apron when we started on our baking and decorating venture, and we wear them proudly.

The needles were made with gum paste and threaded with fondant with one of them going through the cake. Swatches of fabric, pieces of trim, buttons and spools of thread were all made from fondant.

This is a back view of the cake. A real tape measure was used to trim the edge of the board and the board is covered in a pretty lilac fondant and imprinted with quilted patterns. Colourful fondant buttons are scattered over and around the cake.

A swatch of fondant fabric with the # 60 made to look as if it were stitched on was placed front and centre to celebrate Sue's wonderful 60 years. All in all I think it's a fun cake and was lots of fun to make.  I'm sure Sue will love it.

Happy Birthday Sue!

October 2, 2013

Basketball jersey & cookies

Okay, a little catch up here. This cake was for this past Saturday for a young man turning 16. His mom Christine asked us to make his birthday cake for a family get together and add in some of our yummy sugar cookies.

As you can probably guess from the theme of this cake that Jequar is a basketball fan. He probably even plays basketball at school.  Well this jersey cake is vanilla cake filled with vanilla butter cream. Since Jequar is an Oklahoma City fan we made this jersey in the Oklahoma colours.

And what better to go with a basketball jersey cake but basketball cookies. Our sugar cookies covered in orange/brown fondant and lines done in black fondant.

We wish Jequar a very special Happy Birthday!