October 5, 2013

SEW perfect!

My daughter Amanda and her sister-in-law Jen asked if I could come up with a cake for Jen's mom (Amanda's Mother-in-law) for her 60th birthday.  When I think of Sue I always think of the beautiful aprons she sews and all the crafty stuff she makes. So when it came to thinking of a theme for her birthday cake I thought "Sewing".

This 10" vanilla cake is filled with a fresh lemon raspberry butter cream. Everything on this cake is edible except for the dowel holding up the mannequin and I used wire to make the pins for the pin cushion.

I made a little fun apron for our mannequin though the aprons that Sue makes are much prettier. She made me and Melissa an apron when we started on our baking and decorating venture, and we wear them proudly.

The needles were made with gum paste and threaded with fondant with one of them going through the cake. Swatches of fabric, pieces of trim, buttons and spools of thread were all made from fondant.

This is a back view of the cake. A real tape measure was used to trim the edge of the board and the board is covered in a pretty lilac fondant and imprinted with quilted patterns. Colourful fondant buttons are scattered over and around the cake.

A swatch of fondant fabric with the # 60 made to look as if it were stitched on was placed front and centre to celebrate Sue's wonderful 60 years. All in all I think it's a fun cake and was lots of fun to make.  I'm sure Sue will love it.

Happy Birthday Sue!

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  1. wow, the cake was just absolutely perfect!....so much detail we all just kept looking and looking and noticing new things.....and such a pretty colour pallet.....and of course it was delicious....everyone kept going on about it....thank you so much, it was wonderful!!!....Sue