March 31, 2012

BLS Guitar pick

Just picked up today to help celebrate Gino's birthday was a yummy Chocolate Guinness cake with vanilla mousse filling.  Gino's sweetie Lisa requested this cake by sending us a picture of a Black Label Society guitar pick.

We got the cake as close to the picture as possible. Our only regret was not being able to find cutters or stencils with the old English script which is what the Black Label Society was in the picture sent to us. The skull was cut free hand from fondant and then shaded with food colour. Well apparently Gino loved his cake according to Lisa who beat me to the punch and posted a picture on Facebook before I even posted this. LOL. We love hearing that the recipient of our cakes love them. Just makes it well worth it.

Happy Birthday Gino!

March 26, 2012

Garden themed giant cupcake

 Donna, our client and a colleague of mine, wanted a little something to surprise her mother-in-law Sue. She was having her in-laws over for dinner on the weekend to celebrate Sue's birthday. Donna thought the giant cupcake which is growing very popular would do the trick. Sue is an avid gardener and according to Donna Sue has a green thumb and she also loves baking,,,,from scratch. Sue could prove to be our toughest critic. We decided to make her cupcake with a garden theme with Sue's favourite colours, red and yellow.

The cupcake is vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries for the filling. The bottom of the cupcake is covered in a terracotta fondant to resemble not only the cupcake wrapper but give it a flower pot feel. The top is butter cream with yellow and red daisies which are made from fondant/gum paste mix as are the butterflies.  The result; a fun and cheerful celebration cake.
 Let's hope it passes the "Sue" test.

Happy Birthday Sue!
All the best wishes for many more wonderful birthdays!

March 19, 2012

Surprise a success!

Well Norma did get surprised by her family and friends. From what Norma has told me the evening was a great success and the cake was a big hit.  She loved it! and so did her guests. Here is a picture Norma sent me of her with her cake and with the candles lit up the disco ball looks aglow.

We were thrilled to be a part of your big surprise and wonderful celebration Norma.  We look forward to helping create more wonderful memories.  Many happy returns!

March 17, 2012

70's Groovy Birthday!

My colleague Norma is turning 40 today, St. Patrick's day. Her sister Marisa asked us to make her cake but Shhhhh! it's a surprise.  Norma thinks it's just her and hubby going out to dinner tonight but plans have been made.  Since Norma was born in the 70's and I know for a fact she loves disco, we decided to give her a disco themed cake equipped with her own disco ball.

Marisa requested we make a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling.  We covered the cake in lime green & hot pink mixed fondant to give it a Tye dye look.  The #40 is made out of gum paste. 

And of course we have our disco dancers dancing under the disco ball.  The disco ball is a Styrofoam ball covered in fondant squares, painted a silver shimmer with edible paint and then dusted with edible glitter. Our disco dancers were cut out of fondant/gum paste mix. 

Looks like they're having fun! Oh how I miss those days, lol.

Have a very groovy birthday Norma!
Happy 40th! and wishes for many more wonderful years to come.

Sociology 101

Along with the bugs & guitar cake Paola had another request for today as well. Her daughter Teresa is celebrating her 24th birthday and having a few of her close friends over. Teresa is a Sociology major and her mom Paola asked if we could make her a cake with school in mind since it seems that is the main thing on Teresa's mind.

We came up with the idea of books. Her Sociology text book along with a fun diary. Both cakes are chocolate fudge filled with vanilla mousse. The text book is covered in chocolate fondant. All details are made from fondant.

We hope you enjoy your day!

Bugs and guitars

Remember our hygienist / carpenter cake for soon to be newly weds who celebrate birthdays within a couple of days of each other. Well a friend & colleague of Tasha's mom Marisa asked if we could make a cake for her 2 nephews Daniel & Luca celebrating birthdays together. Paola, our client, said that the 2 boys are in to bugs and Daniel likes guitars and asked if we could come up with something for them to incorporate their likes.

Well, bugs huh? We came up with this idea of 1 cake, 2 boys split down the middle by an ant trail. This 9x12" double layer chocolate cake is filled with whipped cream as requested by the boy's father. The ants came to us by means of our "Hello Cupcake" book. They are made with melted chocolate for the legs, antennae and lower body then the body is filled in with smarties and/or jelly beans. Hello Cupcakes used M&M's but since we are peanut & nut free Smarties did the trick.  The ant hill is made from graham cracker crumbs mixed with Oreo cookie crumbs. And Daniel's guitars are made from molded chocolate which we tinted.

Along with the ants we had spiders, centipedes and tics. All is edible. When I dropped off the cake today Daniel and Luca's aunt Paola loved it. Let's hope the boys like our bugs & guitars too.


March 11, 2012

Giant cupcake birthdays

At the same wedding yesterday, Sonia's Dad and sister happen to be celebrating birthdays. When Sonia came by to see us she asked if we could make them something small just for them. We all agreed on a Giant cupcake each in their favourite flavours.

Sonia's sister's cupcake was vanilla with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries. We covered the bottom of the cupcake in bright blue fondant and the top in butter cream rosettes. We added a few colourful fondant/gum paste flowers with dragee centers and topped off with a couple of fondant butterflies.

For her Dad's cupcake, he likes red velvet so that's what we made. Red velvet with cream cheese filling spiked with Bailey's Cream.  The bottom is covered in chocolate brown fondant and topped with swirls of butter cream.  Big cupcakes deserve big sprinkles so we cut out some fondant sprinkles and added some gold dragee.  We topped Dad's cupcake with a large fondant cherry.

These were dropped off the same time as the wedding cake but kept in the venue's fridge to keep as a surprise.  I'm sure it was a wonderful surprise!

Traditional White Wedding

Yesterday we delivered a wedding cake to the Liberty Grand in Toronto. The bride, Sonia and her mom came by to see us a while back and asked if we would make her wedding cake. She requested a 4 tier simple cake covered in white with her wedding colours represented in the flowers.  Burgundy, raspberry, pinks and creams are the colours making up the roses and ranunculus made from gum paste.

The topper was made up of 2 silver birds which were given to us by the bride and we nested them in a large bed of raspberry coloured petals which covered the top tier.

The 4 tiers consisted of a 12" layered chocolate Guinness cake filled with chocolate ganache & chocolate mousse in each layer. The 10" layer was a vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and fresh raspberries.  A yummy carrot cake was used for the 8" with a cream cheese filling and to top of the cake the 6" was a lemon cake with lemon mousse. 

All the pictures of the cake were taken at the venue after assembly. We missed taking some shots of the ranunculus close up as they turned out really pretty.  The leaves are also made from gum paste.

We hope that Sonia & Luca's wedding turned out to be a perfect day and we were delighted to be a part of it. 


March 4, 2012

Showers of Happiness!

Jackson's Godmother and one of our biggest fans ordered this cake for a bridal shower she is involved with putting together.  Tanya requested a simple design with alternating chocolate and vanilla cakes layered with cookies and cream filling. This 10" round is covered in a soft yellow fondant with bright orange and hot pink gum paste daisies.  Tanya saw this design online and thought it would be perfect for this shower only the colours were modified to suite this event.

We wish the bride to be all the best and hopes that this special day is only the beginning to a beautiful bright future filled with happiness.