September 22, 2013

A carnival 1st Birthday

This cake was requested by Melissa, mom of the now 1 year old Alina. Alina's birthday party is being held today. This cake was just picked up by Alicia, a friend of Melissa's, who we were happy to make her wedding cake a few weeks ago.

We were thrilled when Melissa called and asked us to make Alina's birthday cake. We had made the cake for Melissa's baby shower, then Alina's christening and now it's time for her 1st birthday. My how time flies.  As the theme of the party is a carnival theme we used bright colours sure to delight little Alina.

The top and bottom tiers are lemon cake filled with a lemon raspberry butter cream made with fresh raspberries.

The middle tier is chocolate Guinness (as per request by Alina's daddy), filled with a vanilla mousse.

All details are made from fondant with the exception of the poles holding up the banners.


We wish Alina a very happy 1st Birthday!

Spiderman cookies

These were requested by my BFF for her grandson so he could share with his buddies. Everyone loves "Spiderman".

Our yummy sugar cookies with edible pictures of Spiderman mounted on fondant. Spider web simply done with edible marker.

Heard from my BFF and she said the cookies were a big hit. Her grandson and his friends loved them.

September 15, 2013

Jacqueline & Shawn's wedding

Just a little over a year ago we made a wedding cake for our neighbour's daughter Renee, and yesterday Renee's younger sister Jacqueline also had her big day and married her soul mate Shawn. Hubby and I were happy to be a part of the celebration and attend the wedding.  Jackie approached me a few months ago and said she loved her sister's cake and asked if we could make the cake for her reception and of course we were thrilled to.

We took the pictures at the venue once we set up the cake shortly before the reception.  The design was from a picture that Jackie had seen and loved.  The navy blue ribbon was supplied by Jackie to match her bridesmaids dresses along with the blingy brooches. And the rhinestone studded initials were a nice touch as her choice of topper.

To achieve this design without excess cake the bottom square tier is a covered cake dummy.  2 tiers of red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and 2 tiers of lemon cake filled with lemon curd and white chocolate mousse made up the 4 octagon tiers. The top tier along with the 3rd down were covered in edible crystals.

Shawn's dad entertained us with 3 songs before dinner. He has an amazing voice, it was a nice gift for the bride and groom and all of the guests.  Jackie looked radiant and so very happy and Shawn so handsome and proud.  Jackie also received a wonderful surprise gift from the girls she taught in dance class. They were adorable and did a great job with their performance. It was not only entertaining to watch them perform a dance for Jackie & Shawn but we also saw the love and respect they have for their teacher Jacqueline.
We had a wonderful time at the reception, great friends and great music. Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day.

Congratulations Jacqueline & Shawn!
Best wishes for a beautiful future together.

September 8, 2013

Safari 1st birthday!

This cake was just picked up and on it's way to help celebrate Anthony's 1st birthday. It seemed like yesterday when we made Anthony's mom & dad's wedding cake. Then the baby shower cake and the Christening cake and now Anthony has turned 1. Tiffany, Anthony's mom, requested this cake in a safari theme for Anthony.

This 3 tiered cake is our vanilla cake with a zebra print in the batter and filled with white chocolate mousse.

Here is a picture of some of the cake inside from trimmed pieces. We asked Tiffany to take pictures of the cake once it is cut and sent them to us so we can see the zebra effect.

All the animals, trees, leaves etc were made with fondant with the exception of the grass which was green butter cream.

Happy 1st Birthday Anthony!

Black, white & red wedding

I met this bride at a bridal shower for a neighbour's daughter a couple of months ago. I gave Mary my card and she called shortly after and asked if we could make her wedding cake. Mary found a picture of a cake online that she liked in her colour scheme of black, white and red and sent it to us.

We loved the picture that she sent us but we can't take credit for the design but we can for recreating it for her.  The bottom tier is our chocolate fudge cake filled with white chocolate mousse and the top tier is our yummy red velvet cake filled with a French Chantilly cream.

The design was created with black royal icing and the addition of black fondant to border the design and a few black sugar pearls giving it a 2 dimensional effect.  The red gum paste rose adds a pop of colour.

We carried the design on the bottom tier to the back as well whereas the top tier had the one design off to the one side.

I think I require some more practice on my piping skills but all in all I think it turned out okay. 

The silver intertwining hearts and the silver cake stand were supplied by the bride.
I delivered this cake yesterday and wouldn't you know it my cell phone died on the way to the venue. (note to self....always check your cell phone before leaving)  There was a very nice young lady working at the venue who took a picture of the cake once it was set up and sent it to me. Thank you.
Congratulations Mary & Nick!
We wish you all the best!

September 2, 2013

Spiderman birthday

Today was also Logan's 5th birthday and mom Nicole asked us to make Logan a birthday cake in his favourite super hero "Spiderman".

This vanilla 2 tier cake is filled with cookies and cream butter cream. Spiderman and the buildings behind him are made of fondant.

Happy 5th Birthday Logan!

Lego Birthday

Today 2 little boys are sharing a birthday and the lucky boys get to have their party at LEGOLAND.  Christine who's son Joshua is one of the birthday boys, called us and asked if we could make a Lego themed birthday cake and cookies.  She sent us a picture of the birthday invitation which had a red Lego sports car on it and she asked if we could recreate the little car and make it the topper of the cake.

This single tier cake is vanilla cake tinted in the colours of the Lego blocks and filled with vanilla butter cream. So when Joshua and Amado cut into their cake it will be a Lego rainbow for them.

The cake topper, our little red Lego sports car, is made of gum paste and fondant mix with the cake being boarded by fondant Lego pieces.

Along with the cake our delicious sugar cookies were requested decorated in the Lego theme which will be given as part of the guests loot bags.

We hope the boys had a fun birthday and we wish them all the best and many more birthdays to come!
Happy Birthday Joshua and Amado!

It's a girl!

Saturday was a day for celebrating the soon arrival of a new pink bundle of joy. Mel's boss's sister will soon be giving birth and her family and friends were there to shower the new mommy to be with gifts. We were delighted to be asked to make a cake for this wonderful occasion.

This 2 tier cake is our yummy vanilla cake filled with chocolate mousse covered in pale pink fondant with same colour dots.
The cute gum paste elephant was from a picture that the mommy to be saw and requested as the topper with the pink balloon.

We wish the new parents to be all the best. May they enjoy their new little bundle of joy!