September 22, 2013

A carnival 1st Birthday

This cake was requested by Melissa, mom of the now 1 year old Alina. Alina's birthday party is being held today. This cake was just picked up by Alicia, a friend of Melissa's, who we were happy to make her wedding cake a few weeks ago.

We were thrilled when Melissa called and asked us to make Alina's birthday cake. We had made the cake for Melissa's baby shower, then Alina's christening and now it's time for her 1st birthday. My how time flies.  As the theme of the party is a carnival theme we used bright colours sure to delight little Alina.

The top and bottom tiers are lemon cake filled with a lemon raspberry butter cream made with fresh raspberries.

The middle tier is chocolate Guinness (as per request by Alina's daddy), filled with a vanilla mousse.

All details are made from fondant with the exception of the poles holding up the banners.


We wish Alina a very happy 1st Birthday!

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