September 8, 2013

Safari 1st birthday!

This cake was just picked up and on it's way to help celebrate Anthony's 1st birthday. It seemed like yesterday when we made Anthony's mom & dad's wedding cake. Then the baby shower cake and the Christening cake and now Anthony has turned 1. Tiffany, Anthony's mom, requested this cake in a safari theme for Anthony.

This 3 tiered cake is our vanilla cake with a zebra print in the batter and filled with white chocolate mousse.

Here is a picture of some of the cake inside from trimmed pieces. We asked Tiffany to take pictures of the cake once it is cut and sent them to us so we can see the zebra effect.

All the animals, trees, leaves etc were made with fondant with the exception of the grass which was green butter cream.

Happy 1st Birthday Anthony!

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