January 24, 2014

A Minnie 2nd Birthday!

For Sydney's 2nd birthday, her mom contacted me and asked for a small cake to help celebrate and the theme; Minnie Mouse.

This 9" chocolate cake is filled with chocolate mousse. The design was one that Sydney's mom saw online and requested.  All details are done in fondant.

Happy Birthday Sydney!

A Mickey and Minnie weekend

The 18th of January was definitely a Mickey and Minnie weekend as the next 2 cakes will reveal.  For Phillip who turned 1, his mom requested baby Mickey as the theme for his special birthday.

This 3 tiered Baby Mickey cakes is made up of red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling for the bottom tier, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse for the top 2 tiers.  Baby Mickey's head shaped from a small ball pan was being used for Phillip's smash cake.

All details are made from fondant except for baby Mickey's ears which are made from gum paste and fondant mix.

Happy 1st Birthday Phillip!

Ethan's Christening

To start off the New Year of 2014 is a cake requested by my friend Carla for her grandson's christening. With no idea in mind she just wanted a simple cake for a small group of family to help celebrate the occasion.

The 9" cake is made of alternating vanilla and chocolate cake layers filled with vanilla mousse.

All details are made from fondant

The small hearts are randomly placed in groups of 3 representing "the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit"  God Bless you Ethan!

"I love you to the stars and back....."

Our next cake for Christmas Eve came to us via my daughter Amanda. Her long time friend Tanya requested a small cake to celebrate her Grandmother's birthday on the 25th of December. This Christmas marked the 1st year without her dear Grandmother with them but the family thought it only fitting to keep her memory alive and celebrate her life.  Grandma's favourite colour is purple so we decided to decorate the cake in purple.  Also a very sweet request was to have a white owl topper sitting among the stars as Grandma's favourite saying was: "I love to you the stars and back".  A wise women indeed.

This 8" vanilla cake is filled with vanilla mousse and covered in purple fondant.  Our little wise owl is made from gum paste as are the stars which are touched with a little edible glitter.  We have our owl sitting on clouds with floating stars around her.

Simple words added with strong heart felt meaning from this family. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!

2013 catch up

These next 2 cakes were actually made for Christmas Eve 2013, I just haven't taken a moment to post them. If you are from the Toronto and surrounding areas you are well aware of our crazy week leading up to Christmas. I, like many people, had no electricity through our craziest of ice storms that I can ever remember.  Thank goodness I had the cakes baked prior to our lights going out a couple of days shy of Christmas Eve.  The house being cold and no power for mixing up my buttercream to crumb coat the cakes, ugh!, one cake was finished at Mel's house since her power came on the day before mine did, and thanks to my neighbours daughter who didn't lose power through all this allowed me to go by and make my buttercream at her house.
Not to mention I had the whole clan coming over for Christmas Eve dinner and right up to when we got our lights back the afternoon of the 23rd I was in major panic mode. But as always I managed to get the cakes ready for pick up on the 24th and have the house cleaned and prepped for our Christmas Eve feast.  All went well and all flew by like the wind. Another year come and gone!

This first cake was for one of Mel's clients at work which we managed to finish at Mel's place. A birthday cake in blue icing roses with blue and yellow gum paste roses on top.

An 8" vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse.

Happy Birthday Ang!