October 30, 2011

Mickey Mouse Club House

Jackson turns "2".  My grandson Jackson (Mel's son) is a very big fan of Mickey Mouse. In fact he is going to dress up as Mickey Mouse for Halloween. So when deciding what cake to make for his birthday it really was an easy decision, Mickey Mouse of course.  His birthday party was being held at Downy's Farm for a fun filled day of face painting, hay rides, pumpkin painting and other fun activities.  Chocolate cake filled with Oreo cream cheese filling covered in green fondant formed the base of Mickey's club house.

The main house is a vanilla 1/2 round cake filled with vanilla mousse and covered in red fondant. The boot garage is formed from rice krispie treats and covered in yellow fondant. Mickey's head, the slide and glove balloon are all made from Styrofoam and covered in fondant.  All other details are made from fondant.  The little character's were on loan to us from Jackson himself, though he had no idea why we wanted them, haha. But we had no luck in locating Pluto, :(  Probably buried in one of Jackson's toy boxes or behind the couch. Oh well, maybe next time you can come play with us Pluto.

Well the cake was a big hit.  Jackson loved it as did all his little friends.
Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson! 
We love you sooooooooo much!

Sweet 16!

This cake was ordered by a previous client for their daughter turning 16. She was just having a few friends over for the evening on Saturday to celebrate her birthday.  We weren't given much in the way of a design for this cake, the only thing requested was that it be our Chocolate Guinness cake and we added our Bailey's cream cheese filling. We decided to make this one a little girly and whimsical.  Saw a picture of this design on the web (sorry can't remember who designed it) and loved it,  which inspired this cake for Adrienne.

Her mom came by and picked it up on Saturday and loved it.  Said it was exactly what Adrienne would love and her bedroom is in hot pink.

All the details are made from fondant. We added a few crystals on the board for a little bling. Hope you enjoyed your cake Adrienne.


Bumble Bee Transformer car

This cake was quite the challenge, our 1st car. My bff Marisa asked if we could make a transformer cake for one of her colleague's son's 7th birthday. She supplied us with a toy Bumble Bee car to go by. For our 1st car it didn't turn out too bad only I think it looks more like a VW beetle than a camero, hahaha. The car is carved from choc cake and filled with vanilla mousse. Jonah's dad took it in to Jonah's school on Friday for a birthday celebration in his class.  We tried to get all the details of the car which is covered in yellow fondant and detailed in black fondant.  Bumble Bee's head is on top of the car ready to transform, his head is made from gum paste.

The front of the car should have been longer and the hood a little lower, oh and bigger tires.  But at the end of the day the birthday boy didn't notice, he just thought it was great!  I heard that the whole class loved it.

Happy Birthday Jonah!

October 23, 2011

Noah's Arc Baby Shower

Our final cake also delivered today for a baby shower was our popular Noah's Arc themed cake.  This order came to us by Michelle, the mommy to be.  Her mom and sister are throwing her a baby shower and Michelle had seen our blog and tasted our cakes through Mel's sister in law Monica and fell in love with the Noah's Arc cake. 

This is our 3rd installment of this cake. This one is vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries. Michelle found out she is having a baby girl and is going to name her Senya. Michelle also asked if we could make cookies as her party favours, 80 to be exact, there are 5 designs we chose, "a bib, a rattle, a stroller, a baby's bottle and a rocking horse" and not any 2 are identical in decorations.  We chose to make a sugar cookie and decorated them with fondant.  Here are some more pictures of Michelle's cake and cookies.

And a few of the cookies,

We wish Michelle and her baby all the happiness and good health this world can offer!

Heart & Stroke Fund raiser and birthday

Next up this weekend was a cake ordered by Domenic, owner of one of our favourite restaurants here in Brampton, Antica Osteria. Last month Mel & Phil held Juliana's Christening luncheon at the restaurant and Domenic loved the cake we made for Juliana's Christening, the Anne Geddes theme.  We offered him and his wife a slice of cake and in turn he ordered a cake for a function he is holding today.  It's a charity luncheon and silent auction to raise money for the heart & stroke foundation and it happens to be his wife's birthday. He asked if we could make her a birthday cake but also keep the theme of the heart & stroke since he would be serving it as dessert after the luncheon. He is expecting approx 100 people who had purchased tickets to attend.  He also asked if we could make up about 120 cookies for his cookie & pastry platters.  We decided on sugar cookies in the shape of, what else, a heart. We then drizzled some with dark choc and some with white choc and whole heartily donated the cookies for the event.  I delivered the cake and cookies this morning and Domenic was thrilled.

The bottom tier is a 16x16" double layered vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and fresh strawberries. The heart tier is our fabulous Guinness choc cake with a Bailey's cream cheese filling.  The roses are made from gum paste and the leaves and branches are made from fondant/tylose mix with cakes bordered in fondant pearls.

Happy Birthday Silvana!
Many happy returns!

Let's not forget about our cookies.  We wish Domenic all the best and success for his fund raiser today.

Ninjego birthday cake

This week has been one busy week for us with 3 orders but each posing a different challenge. First of the 3 cakes ordered was a request by my grandson's baby sitter's son turning 9. He spoke with Mel while she was picking up Jackson one day and Tristan was very specific on what he wanted for his birthday cake. 1st it was to be vanilla cake and with Mel's help decided to go with the cookies and cream filling.  Then he handed Mel one of his favourite books, Ninjego. I hope I spelt that right. I for one, nor Mel, knew what a Ninjego was, well apparently they are evil fighting Lego Ninja.  He wanted the sensei and the 4 Ninja on his cake plus the powerful sword, or magical, not sure which.  I think Mel & I stressed over this one not sure where to start but once we got started it ended up being one of our favourites and lots of fun making.

The top of the cake more or less depicted the book cover, mind you the ninja were in action on the cover. We decided to cover the cake with black fondant which provided a great back drop to the colourful ninja and sensei.  The Lego blocks was Mel's idea which added a fun border and picked up on the Lego part of Ninjego.  Tristan's mom Mary picked up the cake yesterday, Sat, for the party and she was thrilled. Let's hope Tristan was too.  The ninja, sensei, sword and Lego bricks are all made from fondant/tylose mix. Here are some close ups of our ninja.

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Hope you enjoyed your special day.

October 16, 2011

Pinball birthday cake

This cake was requested by Andrew for his son's 7th birthday party tomorrow. Andrew contacted us through a flyer a friend of ours posted at work. The party is being held at a pinball arcade, that's pretty cool.  So Andrew thought it might be fitting to have a cake in the shape of a pinball machine.  The requested flavour is chocolate with our delicious cookies and cream filling, I've yet to meet a kid who doesn't like chocolate cake.  This one is sure to please children and adults alike.  Andrew's only request is that the cake be colourful and bright so we did just that.

Everything on this cake is edible, though I'm not sure you would want to attempt eating a gum paste piece.  Total cake is covered in red fondant with the playing field in blue fondant.  The paddles and bumpers are made from gum paste all other details are made from fondant.  There's a little glitter here and there to add a little pizzaz.

Side view of the cake

We added our birthday boy's name at the top "Ty" and on either side of his name we added the # 7.  Also notice the score of this game is 72004 -- being 7, Ty's age and 2004, the year he was born, pretty clever huh?

This cake is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow around noon. We truly hope we met Andrew's expectation and that Ty really likes his cake.


October 9, 2011

Sweet 16

11 short years ago a very cute little girl moved in next door with her family, dad Dan, mom Margaret and big brother Matthew, who all became our dear friends. She was such a sweet little 5 year old who was a little shy but always smiling.  We have watched this little girl grow up into a beautiful young lady over these last 11 years and last night we were happy to be a part of Gabriela's sweet 16th birthday celebration.  It was a wonderful evening and she looked absolutely beautiful as she was surrounded by all the people that love her.   Mel and I were honoured when Margaret asked if we could make Gabriela's sweet 16 cake.  Gabriela had definite ideas for her cake which she shared with us;  she wanted a 3 tiered Topsy turvy cake (which she called lopsided) and it was to be covered in white and decorated with black & blue, (blue being Gabriela's favourite colour).  She had shown us a few pictures of cakes with the type of detail she liked.  This is what we came up with;

We started with a 12" vanilla cake for the bottom tier and with the help of Margaret we decided on the fillings. The bottom is filled with a lemon chiffon.  The middle tier is a 10" chocolate cake filled with a heavenly cappuccino cream and the top tier is an 8" vanilla filled with a chocolate mousse. All the black & blue detail work is made from fondant and brought to life with a little edible glitter.  The # 16 topper is made from fondant/tylose mix and covered in glitter.

Now Gabriela's actual birthday was on the 4th which fell during the week so the party was being held last evening, Saturday the 8th of October which also happens to be her mom Margaret's birthday.  A couple of days before the event Gabriela's brother Matthew showed up at my door and asked for a favour. He asked if we could surprise his mom with a little birthday cake.  How could I say no.  So as a last minute addition we made an 8" double layer vanilla cake filled with lemon chiffon.  We decorated this cake with Margaret's favourite colour, purple. 

We covered the cake in white fondant and textured it, then dusted some violet & purple edible dusts with a little glitter and added a few white gum paste flowers touched with a little dusting of purple.  This was the only shot I got of this cake as when Matthew picked it up earlier Saturday we were busy finishing up Gabriela's cake and totally forgot to take pictures. This was taken at the venue where they added a candle for wishes.

Happy Sweet 16 Gabriela


Happy Birthday Margaret

A special day for 2 special women, thank you for letting us be a part of it.  We had a wonderful time and we wish you all the best for more wonderful years ahead.

October 6, 2011

Autumn leaves

A previous client requested a cake for welcoming his sister on her visit from Calgary. Since it's autumn and the leaves are turning beautiful colours and our client Steve told us his sister is very much into nature we decided to make the cake an autumn theme.  Steve's only request was that we make it a chocolate cake with choc mousse for the filling.  He left the details up to us.  Here's our autumn inspired cake;

The cake is a 9" double layer cake covered in choc fondant panels which we textured in a wood grain to create our barrel.  We filled the barrel with leaves made from fondant which are shaded in various fall colours using edible dusting powders, we added a little pumpkin made from orange (choc) fondant and a couple of fondant acorns.  The welcoming tag is made from gum paste.

This cake was delivered today by my husband who informed us that our client Steve was thrilled with the cake.  We hope everyone enjoys Kim's visit and we appreciate being asked to help in welcoming her.

October 2, 2011

Christening Cake

Today was a special day for little Jade as she was christened. Jade's mom Alexandra contacted us, thank you to a friend, and asked if we would make a cake to help celebrate this wonderful day for their family.  Alexandra had seen a cake on line she liked and asked if we could make something similar. 

The cake is a double layer 12" round (torted) vanilla cake with lemon mousse and whipped cream filling. The pink shoes, cross and bow are made from gum paste.

A little glitter added to the gum paste pieces add a wonderful little sparkle.  We were honoured to make this cake for little Jade.  Congratulations to Jade and her family.

God Bless you Jade!