October 30, 2011

Bumble Bee Transformer car

This cake was quite the challenge, our 1st car. My bff Marisa asked if we could make a transformer cake for one of her colleague's son's 7th birthday. She supplied us with a toy Bumble Bee car to go by. For our 1st car it didn't turn out too bad only I think it looks more like a VW beetle than a camero, hahaha. The car is carved from choc cake and filled with vanilla mousse. Jonah's dad took it in to Jonah's school on Friday for a birthday celebration in his class.  We tried to get all the details of the car which is covered in yellow fondant and detailed in black fondant.  Bumble Bee's head is on top of the car ready to transform, his head is made from gum paste.

The front of the car should have been longer and the hood a little lower, oh and bigger tires.  But at the end of the day the birthday boy didn't notice, he just thought it was great!  I heard that the whole class loved it.

Happy Birthday Jonah!

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