October 9, 2011

Sweet 16

11 short years ago a very cute little girl moved in next door with her family, dad Dan, mom Margaret and big brother Matthew, who all became our dear friends. She was such a sweet little 5 year old who was a little shy but always smiling.  We have watched this little girl grow up into a beautiful young lady over these last 11 years and last night we were happy to be a part of Gabriela's sweet 16th birthday celebration.  It was a wonderful evening and she looked absolutely beautiful as she was surrounded by all the people that love her.   Mel and I were honoured when Margaret asked if we could make Gabriela's sweet 16 cake.  Gabriela had definite ideas for her cake which she shared with us;  she wanted a 3 tiered Topsy turvy cake (which she called lopsided) and it was to be covered in white and decorated with black & blue, (blue being Gabriela's favourite colour).  She had shown us a few pictures of cakes with the type of detail she liked.  This is what we came up with;

We started with a 12" vanilla cake for the bottom tier and with the help of Margaret we decided on the fillings. The bottom is filled with a lemon chiffon.  The middle tier is a 10" chocolate cake filled with a heavenly cappuccino cream and the top tier is an 8" vanilla filled with a chocolate mousse. All the black & blue detail work is made from fondant and brought to life with a little edible glitter.  The # 16 topper is made from fondant/tylose mix and covered in glitter.

Now Gabriela's actual birthday was on the 4th which fell during the week so the party was being held last evening, Saturday the 8th of October which also happens to be her mom Margaret's birthday.  A couple of days before the event Gabriela's brother Matthew showed up at my door and asked for a favour. He asked if we could surprise his mom with a little birthday cake.  How could I say no.  So as a last minute addition we made an 8" double layer vanilla cake filled with lemon chiffon.  We decorated this cake with Margaret's favourite colour, purple. 

We covered the cake in white fondant and textured it, then dusted some violet & purple edible dusts with a little glitter and added a few white gum paste flowers touched with a little dusting of purple.  This was the only shot I got of this cake as when Matthew picked it up earlier Saturday we were busy finishing up Gabriela's cake and totally forgot to take pictures. This was taken at the venue where they added a candle for wishes.

Happy Sweet 16 Gabriela


Happy Birthday Margaret

A special day for 2 special women, thank you for letting us be a part of it.  We had a wonderful time and we wish you all the best for more wonderful years ahead.

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