October 23, 2011

Ninjego birthday cake

This week has been one busy week for us with 3 orders but each posing a different challenge. First of the 3 cakes ordered was a request by my grandson's baby sitter's son turning 9. He spoke with Mel while she was picking up Jackson one day and Tristan was very specific on what he wanted for his birthday cake. 1st it was to be vanilla cake and with Mel's help decided to go with the cookies and cream filling.  Then he handed Mel one of his favourite books, Ninjego. I hope I spelt that right. I for one, nor Mel, knew what a Ninjego was, well apparently they are evil fighting Lego Ninja.  He wanted the sensei and the 4 Ninja on his cake plus the powerful sword, or magical, not sure which.  I think Mel & I stressed over this one not sure where to start but once we got started it ended up being one of our favourites and lots of fun making.

The top of the cake more or less depicted the book cover, mind you the ninja were in action on the cover. We decided to cover the cake with black fondant which provided a great back drop to the colourful ninja and sensei.  The Lego blocks was Mel's idea which added a fun border and picked up on the Lego part of Ninjego.  Tristan's mom Mary picked up the cake yesterday, Sat, for the party and she was thrilled. Let's hope Tristan was too.  The ninja, sensei, sword and Lego bricks are all made from fondant/tylose mix. Here are some close ups of our ninja.

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Hope you enjoyed your special day.

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  1. by far my FAVOURITE cake! this is AWESOME! i had NO idea Ninjegos existed...holy crap, i want this for my birthday!
    love man.
    ps - your photos are looking much better with a blank background.