April 30, 2013

Little Red Wagon 1st birthday

This past Sunday a party was held for this sweet little boy turning 1! My how time flies, it seems like yesterday when Tristan was born. Tristan's mom Steph asked if we could make his cake to commemorate this wonderful occasion and the theme; "Little Red Wagon".

This little red wagon was made from gum paste as was the # 1 it is carrying was used as the topper of his 2 tiered cake.

This cake is our rendition of a cake that Steph found on line.  The top 8" tier is our chocolate vegan cake filled with a vegan cookies and cream buttercream. The bottom tier is red velvet with a cream cheese filling. Both tiers are boarded with chocolate coated candies and the flags are done in fondant.

Happy 1st Birthday Tristan!

Dylan's 1st Communion

This past week marked a big day for Dylan. He made his 1st Communion, so when his mom contacted us for a cake we were thrilled to be able to help them celebrate.

This 12x12 square was alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cakes filled with a white chocolate mousse & Oreo cookie crumbs.  Mary, Dylan's mom requested a chalice and a rosary which we made from gum paste with added sugar pearls. The little figurine of a communion boy was purchased.


Mary also requested cookies to be given to each guest. They were also used as seating guides for table assignments.  But silly us, we made them, decorated them and boxed them and totally forgot to take pictures of them. But Mary came through and sent us a couple of pictures.

Cross shaped sugar cookies decorated in fondant. Some in white fondant with blue sugar pearls forming a rosary with a little cross and some in blue fondant with white sugar pearls forming a rosary with a little cross.

And here is our communion boy Dylan looking handsome and ready to greet his family and friends.

We wish Dylan all the best in his future years.
God Bless!

April 22, 2013

It's a "Tool Time" 2nd birthday

My nephew's little guy just turned 2 on the 19th of April and yesterday they had a birthday party for all his little friends.  Mel and hubby took the kids for a fun afternoon to help Justin celebrate, she also delivered the cake we made for Justin.

Since Justin just loves playing with his toy tools his mom asked if we could incorporate some tools on his cake. So Mel and I thought why not give him the whole tool box filled with tools.

This 2 tier cake is chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate mousse, the top tier being the tool box and we made the bottom tier resemble a block of wood.

All tools are made from gum paste.

Happy 2nd Birthday Justin!
We love you!

April 17, 2013

God Bless Mason

This past Sunday marked a special day for little Mason who was celebrating his Christening day. His mom contacted us and asked if we could help with the celebration and make a cake. 

The flavor request for this 2 tier was red velvet with a yummy cream cheese filling.  The top tier was the design idea Kristen provided while the we added our touch with the bottom tier.

All details are made from fondant.

We wish Mason and his family all the best!
God Bless Mason!

April 8, 2013

Dora & Boots Birthday

This cake was requested by a special little girl, Cruz.  Cruz is Mel's God daughter who turned 3 this past week.  A birthday party with all her little friends was held at Jumping Jacks yesterday.  At Cruz's request we made her a Dora themed cake with Boots.

Cruz's mom had given us a couple of ideas on what she would like for the cake and this is what we came up with. This 2 tier is chocolate fudge filled with white chocolate mousse.  We tested our sculpting skills and made a gum paste Dora and Boots.

We couldn't forget "backpack" which apparently Dora carries with her at all times. 

Happy Birthday Cruz! We had lots of fun making this for you.

More Star Wars

It's Star Wars cookies this time around. Ethan who turned 5 not only had his Lego Star Wars cake but his mom asked if we could make some Star Wars cookies so he could share them with his friends at school.

Don't ask me which is which of these designs. I do know that the far left round one is the "Death Star", lol.  Oh well Ethan knew what they were and that's what counts.  These cookies are our sugar cookies decorated with fondant.  The cutters were supplied by Ethan's mom and we simply used the pictures on the box to help us put the details on these cookies.

The 2 picture above show the cookie we made (left) to copy the picture on the box (top).

May the Force be with you Ethan!


April 1, 2013

Star Wars Lego

Last year around this time we made an Angry Birds cake for Ethan's 4th birthday. This year for his 5th birthday the theme requested was "Lego Star Wars". 

Made to resemble Lego blocks we made 3 chocolate fudge cakes filled with cookies & cream and covered them in bright colours.  Ethan's Lego character requests are Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, 3CPO, Storm Trooper and R2D2 which all were made from gum paste.

We wish Ethan a very Happy Birthday and
May the Force be with you!

Red & Gold wedding cake

Sunita came to us through a friend as she required a cake for her niece who was getting married and the reception was to be held on Good Friday.  Sunita's gift to the bride and groom was the wedding cake. She asked the bride for her input on the design and we were told that the bride loved one our previous cakes with the diamond quilted design with the loopy bow on top.

The colours of choice was red & gold and specifically the bow topper had to be red along with the flower motives on the diamond quilting design.  Also requested was the initials of the bride and groom.

This 3 tier vanilla cake filled with chocolate mousse consists of a 12" square, 9" hexagon and a 6" round covered in a ivory fondant.

The red fondant bow is tipped in gold. the top tier and each of the red fondant flowers are highlighted with gold sugar pearls (dragee).

We wish the newly weds are the best and happiness in their future!