October 26, 2014

Double birthdays

Our little Adriana turned 5 on the 5th of October and her cousin Deana turned 9 on the 4th of October. They party is being held today for family and friends, a little overdue but had to wait for their grandparents to get back from Portugal. Steph called me and asked if I could make this birthday cake for the 2 cuties to help celebrate.

A rainbow joining their 2 cakes done in their favourite colours and covered in flowers......I think these 2 little girls miss summer already.

Deana's cake is chocolate vegan filled with a cookies and cream vegan buttercream.

Adriana's cake is vanilla filled with strawberry curd and white chocolate mousse.

All details are done in fondant.

Happy Birthday Girls!


Boy or Girl?

Baby # 2 on the way and what will it be? Boy or Girl?  Mel's boss Anthony asked if we could make a Gender reveal cake so that they could have a fun way to reveal the sex of the baby to friends and family.  They saw the doctor Wednesday and he gave them a sealed envelope with the results and that was given to us.  Anthony and Jackie wanted to be surprised at the same time as everyone else.  The party, well that was only 2 days after finding out.

So we literally had Thursday/Friday to get a cake baked and decorated for pick up Friday afternoon.  A simply cute single tier cake covered in white, decorated in blue, pink and yellow.  All details are made from fondant.  The cake, well it's vanilla dyed in either pink or blue (we'll soon find out)....filled with strawberry curd and white chocolate mousse.  Oh the pressure of having the knowledge before everyone else, lol.

Mel attended the party Friday and reported that everyone loved the cake. I told her to make sure that a picture was taken once the cake was cut, and sure enough Anthony sent this picture to reveal......

Congratulations to Jackie and Anthony and to big sister Victoria on the soon new arrival.

October 21, 2014

Joey's Christening day

This past Sunday October 19th marked a special day for a special little boy.  Giuseppe Stefano was christened.  Alicia, Joey's mom, asked if we could make the cake to help celebrate this wonderful event.

The colours on the invitations were blue and silver so I thought to incorporate these colours into the design.  The 2 tiered cake consists of vanilla cake filled with cookies and cream buttercream.

The top tier has a gum paste cross and a fondant/silver sugar pearl rosary.  Also in white raised fondant lettering is "God Bless" on the top and "Giuseppe" on the front of the top tier.

Bordering the top tier is a blue bow and ribbon which is added around to appear as if it is weaving in and out of the tier.

The bottom tier is done in a quilted design of diamonds within diamonds.  I highlighted the smaller diamond in the quilted pattern with a soft silver painted with edible silver glitter and added silver sugar pearls to define the larger diamonds.

"God Bless Giuseppe"

A roaring 20's Birthday!

So I've just about caught up.  This cake was for Giulia's 40th birthday this past Saturday, the 18th of October.  Tina called me and asked if I could make a roaring 20's theme cake for the roaring 20's party they were having to honor her sister.

This 2 tiered cake is done in all black and white with a touch of silver.  Tina showed me a cake that she found on the website and wanted it similar to it.  Our little roaring 20's girl sitting on the top tier is made out of gum paste and a gum paste broche with Giulia's initial is front and center on the bottom tier.

The 2 tiers are chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache. A chocolate lovers dream and Giulia loves chocolate.

Though it is difficult to see, the bottom tier is bordered by a fabric fringe supplied by Tina. I think in the above picture you can just see a little white fondant peeking through between the fringe.  Black fondant beads border the top tier. The black feather with the black rose was also supplied by Tina.

Happy 40th Giulia!

A little princess' 1st Birthday

A while back I was asked to decorate a cake for Naytashaa's Christening.  Nathan, Naytashaa's dad provided a Jamaican black cake made by his auntie for us to decorate and once again he provided a pillow shaped Jamaican black cake for us to decorate but this time for Nayashaa's 1st birthday on the 11th of October.

The colour chosen was hot pink and dark purple.  The quilted design used on the top of the pillow and trimmed with a white rosette boarder and sitting on white fondant made to resemble fabric. The white gum paste sash with birthday greeting in dark purple with 2 purple bow on either end of the sash.

Dad provided a little crown to top this cake but brought it at time of pick up so I only got one shot of it on the cake.

Also Nathan's auntie happened to make another smaller pillow and he brought it along so I decorated that one too for him as a little extra.  I just changed up the colour a bit.

This one done in white with the dark purple accents.
Happy 1st birthday Naytashaa!

"Rio" themed birthday cake

This next cake was done for a pretty little girl who turned 2 on October 11th.  Jessica contacted me and asked if we could make Allegra's birthday cake this year in the "Rio" movie theme.  Jessica provided the little characters from the movie to be added to the cake.

This colourful and cute 2 tiered cake is covered in a sky blue and has a lot of colour fondant details along with our little characters.

The top tier is vanilla cake filled with a cookies and cream butter cream and features "Blue" sitting on a branch with his favourite gal.  I really can't remember the names of all the characters but I do remember it was a cute movie and my grandkids loved it.

The bottom tier is chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and features the birthday girls name in big bright colours "ALLEGRA".

Puffy white clouds, a few birds, flowers, palm trees, leaves and more characters with a # 2 surround the top tier


Green grass, more palm trees, flowers, leaves and more characters finish off the bottom of the cake. All in all a bright fun cake.

 Happy Birthday Allegra!

Soccer Jersey birthday

Don't ask what team this is cause I don't know much about soccer. I was asked to make this jersey for Mario's birthday which was on the 20th of September. I'm pretty sure it's a Portuguese team and maybe once you see the picture you'll know........

This chocolate fudge slab cake is filled with chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries. Fondant covered in the teams white and blue stripes and trimmed in gold.  Team logo is printed on edible paper.

Happy 53rd Birthday Mario!
Hope you enjoyed your day and cake.

Everybody loves beer!

This cake was requested by Shannon for her boyfriend's birthday back on the 20th of September. He loves his beer, in particular Moosehead beer.  Shannon thought it was a great idea to make his cake resemble a beer case of his favourite beer.

The cake is actually a chocolate Guinness cake, LOL, beer cake but not Moosehead as I've never tried any other beer in cake.  It is filled with a white chocolate mousse.

Obviously covered in green fondant and all logos are printed on edible paper.

Happy Birthday Nick!

Catch up time!

Haven't been blogging lately and there are a few cakes in the past month and weeks that I would like to share. So stay tuned for some updates.......