December 23, 2010

Aimee's 8th Birthday

Well our little friend Aimee (a neighbour of ours) who had in summer requested the Lemon aid cake, is turning 8.  Her birthday is actually the day after Christmas (a little Christmas baby) and her parents threw her a birthday party on the 18th.  They were having "Tea with Mrs. Claus" in a tea room in Streetsville, how cool is that.  Mel & I were asked to do her cake and keeping with the theme of tea, a teapot was definitely in order.  We were asked to make it whimsical and we really wanted to keep it a birthday theme as opposed to Christmas but added just a touch of Christmas here and there. The base cake and the teapot were vanilla cake filled with chocolate fudge buttercream. Aimee's favourite.  The teapot is covered in fondant and all the details are made from fondant as well.  The base is draped loosely with white fondant to resemble a tablecloth and this is where we added a bit of Christmas.  We hand painted Christmas ornaments on the table cloth.  Then we added a little dish of gingerbread men and the whole cake and teapot were sprayed with an edible glitter. Here's a picture of our little teapot for Aimee;

The feedback from Aimee's mom was great.  Everyone loved the cake and Aimee was delighted with it!
Happy Birthday Aimee!

65th Birthday

After the truck we had 2 cakes to have ready for Saturday.  One being for one of Mel's friends dad who was turning 65.  They asked for a vegan choc cake with strawberry cream filling and the theme was to depict their dad's profession as a landscaper.  Here is what we came up with;

Mel did an amazing job of creating a miniture lawn mower and wheel barrel out of fondant. All details are made from fondant and a little tinted piping gel for the water feature. We had fun making this one. Turned out quite good and we got a great response, the cake was a success in both looks and taste.

Keep them trucker's rolling......

Now 2nd on our list was a huge challenge for us.  I think my BFF, Marisa, thinks we are the cake bosses of our neighbourhood, haha.  Marisa works for a Steel Company and they were having a celebration of sorts and wanted to surprise their boss.  She asked if we could make a "Truck", okay we're talking a big rig truck. She sent us pictures of one of their trucks and asked if we could make something similar.  So we set out our plan.  I had my hubby cut out a 19"x6" board for the trailer, some 2"x2" blocks for support and wheel placements and another board for the bottom base of 30" x 12".  We glued the pieces all together and covered it with foil.  The truck consists of 2 parts.  The cab is 2 x 6" square cakes filled and stacked with another 1/2 of a 6" square for the drivers part of the cab.  We made the cab vanilla cake with a layer of strawberry jam and topped with strawberry cream filling.  The trailer was chocolate cake with mocha cream filling and consisted of cakes making it 18" long x 6" high by 6" wide. 3 layers of cake with filling.  The whole truck was covered in black fondant with silver accents.  This cake weight a lot.  Here are pictures of the truck the 2nd time around.

When I say 2nd time around, well my worst nightmare came to play on this cake.  When I said it weighed a lot, I meant it.  I decided to carried this cake to the garage which was the coldest place I could think of since it didn't fit my refrigerator.  Picture it, 2:00am when I finally finished the last details, Mel had gone home around 11:00, hubby went to bed and the cake is due 7:15am on site later that morning.  Being tired and clearly not thinking this out I proceeded to carry this cake to the garage where I took a tumble with cake in hand.  I think I took the worst of the fall as I managed to keep the cake in tact other than the cosmetics of it.  Well I was lucky enough that the celebration event could be postponed til the next morning as Mel & I had some repairing to do the next evening.  It arrived safe and sound (a day late) and it was a huge success.  Thanks Marisa for her patience and the confidence displayed by giving us this challenge.

December 19, 2010

Dylan's birthday

Well we have some catching up to do.  The past week or so Mel & I have been super busy.  1st on our list of cakes is a "PS3" requested for Dylan's birthday.  If you are like me you are probably asking what is PS3? well it stands for "PlayStation 3". We started off with Mel drafting a template for the hand control. The game unit is very simple as it is very basic.  Dylan's dad asked us to make it a chocolate cake, Dylan's favourite, but was unsure of the filling.  We took a wild guess and hit the mark with a cookies and cream filling.  Dylan an his dad picked up the cake and you know you scored when Dylan looks at the cake and says; Awesome!.  He even got a taste before hand from the cake left over when carving the hand control.  Here's a picture of the cake;

Since the PS3 is all black it is difficult to see all details clearly.  The pictures don't do it justice and all that really matters it that the birthday boy loved the cake. 
 Happy Birthday Dylan!

December 5, 2010

I love weddings!

Hi everyone.  I just dropped off a wedding cake, well actually it is a dummy wedding cake.  A couple of weeks ago I met Beena in the grocery store who just happens to be a wedding planner. She saw all the baking goods I was buying and started asking questions.  Then she handed me a business card and told me she would be interested in using my cakes as part of her wedding packages.  WOW!!! I was floored but she asked me to provide a sample wedding cake to show her what we can do.  She loved it!!! and has now asked that I do another sample cake suitable for Sweet 16 birthdays.  It seems she has been getting a lot of business in the planning of sweet 16 parties.  Well here is the sample wedding cake I gave her and I will be posting again in the next few days with a picture of yet another dummy cake.  Sorry for the quality of the picture....I really have to invest in a better camera.......

All details on this cake is made with fondant except for the roses and the rose petals which are made with gum paste.  Hope you like it.  Until the next.......take care.