December 23, 2010

Keep them trucker's rolling......

Now 2nd on our list was a huge challenge for us.  I think my BFF, Marisa, thinks we are the cake bosses of our neighbourhood, haha.  Marisa works for a Steel Company and they were having a celebration of sorts and wanted to surprise their boss.  She asked if we could make a "Truck", okay we're talking a big rig truck. She sent us pictures of one of their trucks and asked if we could make something similar.  So we set out our plan.  I had my hubby cut out a 19"x6" board for the trailer, some 2"x2" blocks for support and wheel placements and another board for the bottom base of 30" x 12".  We glued the pieces all together and covered it with foil.  The truck consists of 2 parts.  The cab is 2 x 6" square cakes filled and stacked with another 1/2 of a 6" square for the drivers part of the cab.  We made the cab vanilla cake with a layer of strawberry jam and topped with strawberry cream filling.  The trailer was chocolate cake with mocha cream filling and consisted of cakes making it 18" long x 6" high by 6" wide. 3 layers of cake with filling.  The whole truck was covered in black fondant with silver accents.  This cake weight a lot.  Here are pictures of the truck the 2nd time around.

When I say 2nd time around, well my worst nightmare came to play on this cake.  When I said it weighed a lot, I meant it.  I decided to carried this cake to the garage which was the coldest place I could think of since it didn't fit my refrigerator.  Picture it, 2:00am when I finally finished the last details, Mel had gone home around 11:00, hubby went to bed and the cake is due 7:15am on site later that morning.  Being tired and clearly not thinking this out I proceeded to carry this cake to the garage where I took a tumble with cake in hand.  I think I took the worst of the fall as I managed to keep the cake in tact other than the cosmetics of it.  Well I was lucky enough that the celebration event could be postponed til the next morning as Mel & I had some repairing to do the next evening.  It arrived safe and sound (a day late) and it was a huge success.  Thanks Marisa for her patience and the confidence displayed by giving us this challenge.

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