December 5, 2010

I love weddings!

Hi everyone.  I just dropped off a wedding cake, well actually it is a dummy wedding cake.  A couple of weeks ago I met Beena in the grocery store who just happens to be a wedding planner. She saw all the baking goods I was buying and started asking questions.  Then she handed me a business card and told me she would be interested in using my cakes as part of her wedding packages.  WOW!!! I was floored but she asked me to provide a sample wedding cake to show her what we can do.  She loved it!!! and has now asked that I do another sample cake suitable for Sweet 16 birthdays.  It seems she has been getting a lot of business in the planning of sweet 16 parties.  Well here is the sample wedding cake I gave her and I will be posting again in the next few days with a picture of yet another dummy cake.  Sorry for the quality of the picture....I really have to invest in a better camera.......

All details on this cake is made with fondant except for the roses and the rose petals which are made with gum paste.  Hope you like it.  Until the next.......take care.

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