December 23, 2010

Aimee's 8th Birthday

Well our little friend Aimee (a neighbour of ours) who had in summer requested the Lemon aid cake, is turning 8.  Her birthday is actually the day after Christmas (a little Christmas baby) and her parents threw her a birthday party on the 18th.  They were having "Tea with Mrs. Claus" in a tea room in Streetsville, how cool is that.  Mel & I were asked to do her cake and keeping with the theme of tea, a teapot was definitely in order.  We were asked to make it whimsical and we really wanted to keep it a birthday theme as opposed to Christmas but added just a touch of Christmas here and there. The base cake and the teapot were vanilla cake filled with chocolate fudge buttercream. Aimee's favourite.  The teapot is covered in fondant and all the details are made from fondant as well.  The base is draped loosely with white fondant to resemble a tablecloth and this is where we added a bit of Christmas.  We hand painted Christmas ornaments on the table cloth.  Then we added a little dish of gingerbread men and the whole cake and teapot were sprayed with an edible glitter. Here's a picture of our little teapot for Aimee;

The feedback from Aimee's mom was great.  Everyone loved the cake and Aimee was delighted with it!
Happy Birthday Aimee!

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