May 28, 2011

Justin Bieber birthday cake

Just dropped off a cake Mel & I made for Vanessa who is celebrated a birthday yesterday the 27th but her party was this afternoon.  All she wanted for her birthday was a Justin Bieber cake. So her mom (a collegue of mine) asked if we could come up with something for Vanessa.  We looked for ideas on the internet and found some that were really nice but we wanted to make something a little different and came up with the idea of making a little girls dresser drawer.

We printed some edible pictures of Justin, one for a frame on the dresser, another was put on a t-shirt and 2 cd covers which are also on the dresser top.

We started with 3 8x8" sqare vanilla cakes torted and stacked with cookies and cream filling. We then mounted 4 1x1" blocks on a board and put the cake on top of the blocks which elevated the dresser.  The base board was covered in fondant, scored and painted to resemble a hardwood floor.  All details are made from fondant but the mirror and the dresser top are cardboard we shaped and covered in fondant.  The picture frame is 50/50 fondant/gum paste so that it would dry stiff enough to stand.  We added a few little details like an open drawer displaying some neatly folded clothes and socks hanging out along with a blanket.  We also added a little pair of slippers under the dresser.  There is also a lip gloss sitting by the mirror which was used to write the message and a hair band leaning on the lip gloss.  A fun cake to make.  Vanessa was thrilled when she saw her cake.


May 22, 2011

1st Communion cake

Our 2nd cake this weekend was for a pretty little girl named Alyssa making her 1st Communion today. When I met her mom Patricia a few weeks ago and I gave her our business card she told me that she had already ordered a cake for Alyssa's 1st Communion.  Then last Monday she called me and told me the person commissioned to make the cake cancelled which left her a little distraught and thankful that she had our card.  We were more than happy to accommodate for this special occasion.  She asked for a 2 tiered cake white with pink accents as this is Alyssa's favourite colour.  She saw one of our cakes on our business page on facebook and loved the cala lilies we did so asked if we could include some cala lilies.  She also told me she purchased a Precious Moments Communion girl for Alyssa and asked if we could use it for the topper on the cake.  The rest was left to us.  Here is a look at the cake we made;

The bottom tier is chocolate cake/vanilla mousse filling. We gave this tier a quilted look and added little pink pearls.  The top tier is lemon cake/lemon mousse filling. This tier we used a little cross cutter and made impressions in the fondant and used pink edible dusting powder to highlight as we did at the base as well. I think this cake turned out sweet for a sweet litle girl.
 Congratulations Alyssa!
I hope you enjoy your cake.

May 21, 2011

iPad birthday cake

Well delivered the 1st of 2 cakes this weekend.  This was for Jeffrey turning 13 who is really into his iPad according to Mom.  She wanted to surprise him with a cake to resemble his iPad.  His actual birthday is May 22nd which appears at the top right of his iPad cake and the time he was born 4:31pm according Mom appears top centre. Jeffrey's favourite flavour is chocolate. We made a double layer rectangle chocolate cake with chocolate fudge butter cream filling and if that wasn't enough chocolate we crumb coated it in the choc fudge as well.  Covered in 3 different colours of fondant.  The apps were made to resemble Jeffrey's favourite apps and are printed on rice paper with edible ink. The iPad wallpaper was airbrushed on white fondant.

Happy 13th Birthday Jeffrey, hope you enjoyed your cake!

May 12, 2011

Flower Pot Birthday cake

Mel & I just finished a cake which will be delivered today. It was requested by a friend who's mom is celebrating a birthday today and loves gardening and flowers.  Mel thought a flower pot with flowers would be fitting. So that's what we did.  To get the shape of the pot accurate we actually baked the cake in a clay pot, new one of course.  Well it turned out great except for the fact that it took forever to bake, approx 2 hrs, certainly not your regular timing for baking a cake. The cake requested was our famous chocolate cake...(everyone loves our chocolate cake) and the filling is vanilla mousse with fresh strawberries.  Here's a picture of the cake;

The cake is covered in fondant and oreo cookie crumbs was used for the dirt.  The gloves (Mel's hands) and the trowel are made from fondant, the flowers are gum paste dahlias.  Looks pretty real, huh?  And the dirt is mighty tasty.  Let's hope Maria enjoys her cake.  Feliz anivers├írio Maria!

May 8, 2011

Golf Bag birthday cake!

This past week was my nephew Vincent, also my Godson, celebrated his13th birthday. For the past couple of years his love for golf has grown and will be following his passion for it this year as well with continuing lessons. You never know we might have a young Arnold Palmer in the making. Since this was a milestone birthday entering the tender teenage years, my sister-in-law threw Vincent a family birthday party Saturday night and asked if Mel & I could surprise him with a golf themed birthday cake.  Of course hubby & I along with Mel, Phil and Jackson were all going to be there to help celebrate Vincent's coming of age.  Mel & I were thrilled with the way the cake turned out and with the comments and expressions on every one's faces when we arrived with the cake said it all.  We kept the cake out of Vincent's view for a little while until it was time to sing happy birthday and he was thrilled when he saw his cake.  Here are a few pictures of the cake;

The golf bag and hat are chocolate cake with a french vanilla mouse filling. The golf  bag is covered in chocolate fondant while the hat is covered in regular MMF.  The golf clubs and all other details are moulded from fondant and painted with edible food colours. The flag is made from gum paste/fondant mix and the grass is done in butter cream. The cake was a big hit and according to all the guests the cake was moist and delicious.  It was a fun cake to make and an honour to make it for Vincent.

Happy 13th Birthday Vincent!

We Love you!  Hope you enjoyed your cake and your special day!

May 1, 2011

Noah's Ark baby shower cake

This was the final cake this weekend which I delivered this morning for a baby shower held for Ginny.  Her mom requested the cake to be a Noah's ark theme.  This is one of my favourite cakes as it was so much fun to make.  I love the little animals.  The ark was made from oval pans and carved to shape, the top part of the ark was made from a loaf pan cut in half, stacked and shaped for the roof, all vanilla cake.  The ocean is a 12x12 double layer cake and was requested that 1/2 be vanilla and 1/2 chocolate and all cakes are filled with a raspberry mouse filling.  The ark was covered in fondant and textured to resemble wood, the animals are all made out of fondant. The ocean was created using white/blue butter cream.  We wish Ginny and her new baby (due at the end of May) all the best.

Butterfly birthday!

This next cake, (our 3rd for the weekend) was requested by Rosemary, a colleague of my son-in-law and husband.  Her granddaughter Maya is turning 5 and loves pink and butterflies, so pink and butterflies it is.  The cake is a 9" chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling was baked in a flower pan, all the butterflies are made from gum paste as was the centre flower.  The butterflies are all hand painted with edible food colours. This cake is fit for a special little girl and I hope she loves it!


Thomas the Train 3D

This is the 2nd Thomas the Train we had to do this weekend.  My BFF Marisa's grandson is turning 1. Wow already?  Yes times flies and Joshua is now 1 year old.  Joshua's mom requested a Thomas the Train engine cake in chocolate with strawberry cream filling with fresh strawberries.  This cake was delivered yesterday for Joshua's birthday party and when I delivered the cake I was met with oohs & aahs from everyone. This cake was lots of fun to make and it was special because it was for little Joshua. Hope everyone enjoys your cake.  Love you Joshua......