May 21, 2011

iPad birthday cake

Well delivered the 1st of 2 cakes this weekend.  This was for Jeffrey turning 13 who is really into his iPad according to Mom.  She wanted to surprise him with a cake to resemble his iPad.  His actual birthday is May 22nd which appears at the top right of his iPad cake and the time he was born 4:31pm according Mom appears top centre. Jeffrey's favourite flavour is chocolate. We made a double layer rectangle chocolate cake with chocolate fudge butter cream filling and if that wasn't enough chocolate we crumb coated it in the choc fudge as well.  Covered in 3 different colours of fondant.  The apps were made to resemble Jeffrey's favourite apps and are printed on rice paper with edible ink. The iPad wallpaper was airbrushed on white fondant.

Happy 13th Birthday Jeffrey, hope you enjoyed your cake!

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