May 28, 2011

Justin Bieber birthday cake

Just dropped off a cake Mel & I made for Vanessa who is celebrated a birthday yesterday the 27th but her party was this afternoon.  All she wanted for her birthday was a Justin Bieber cake. So her mom (a collegue of mine) asked if we could come up with something for Vanessa.  We looked for ideas on the internet and found some that were really nice but we wanted to make something a little different and came up with the idea of making a little girls dresser drawer.

We printed some edible pictures of Justin, one for a frame on the dresser, another was put on a t-shirt and 2 cd covers which are also on the dresser top.

We started with 3 8x8" sqare vanilla cakes torted and stacked with cookies and cream filling. We then mounted 4 1x1" blocks on a board and put the cake on top of the blocks which elevated the dresser.  The base board was covered in fondant, scored and painted to resemble a hardwood floor.  All details are made from fondant but the mirror and the dresser top are cardboard we shaped and covered in fondant.  The picture frame is 50/50 fondant/gum paste so that it would dry stiff enough to stand.  We added a few little details like an open drawer displaying some neatly folded clothes and socks hanging out along with a blanket.  We also added a little pair of slippers under the dresser.  There is also a lip gloss sitting by the mirror which was used to write the message and a hair band leaning on the lip gloss.  A fun cake to make.  Vanessa was thrilled when she saw her cake.


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