October 25, 2010

Home Run Sports!!!!

Mel & I were going through some pictures of cakes we have created in the exciting past year of decorating. We came across one we did this past summer for a friend of Mel's that opened a baseball sports store and thought we'd like to share this one with you.  He had asked Mel if we could make a cake for his grand opening. This was a great honour to be asked to make a cake for such an important event for Tony.  And as we are both big baseball fans, and Mel still plays, we were thrilled to be a part of Tony's Grand Opening. Here's a picture of the cake we came up with;

This was quite a challenge for us as the cake had to be huge.  We started by making slabs of vanilla cake, which when put together was a 2 ft by 3 ft base. We covered it in butter cream and then put a 12"x 12" chocolate cake on top to make our field.  That's alot of cake!!!  This was all butter cream other than the baseballs  and the lettering which we made from fondant. In order to transport this cake we actually had to build a base from 2x4's which we nailed into cake boards.  HEAVY wasn't the word.......we definitely felt like the cake boss on this one, LOL.  Was well worth the experience! Tony and his staff loved it and the store is going strong!  Congrats Tony!

October 23, 2010

Reese's 3rd Birthday!

Hi! Mel here, so when I was asked to do a 3rd birthday cake for Reese, I knew I had to go straight to Reese who is a true princess and ask her what she wanted for her birthday cake. She told me that she wanted a "Pink Tinkerbell Cake". So, I figured I would do a character cake. I found a Tinkerbell character cake pan, and upon inspection, I realized that there is nothing pink on Tinkerbell  :(  So I thought I was stuck... Reese said she wanted "PINK". So I decided on making a vanilla cake and adding pink food colouring to make it a "pink Tinkerbell cake!" Great idea, right! Well it was well worth the idea when seeing Reese's face when she saw her cake and then cut into it to find a pink cake, well that alone was worth making this cake.  This was my 1st character cake, and it was fun to make just watching it come to life as I added details.  Reese was thrilled with her cake as was her mom and family.  Mom and I agreed that for a 1st character cake it turned out quite nicely.  Here's a picture of "Tink".


                         Happy 3rd Birthday Reese! 

Richard's 13th Birthday

Another birthday cake......don't you just love birthdays!  This was the 2nd cake required this past week, actually delivered yesterday for Richard's birthday party.  Richard's mom Marisol, dear friend and neighbour, asked me to make Richard's cake and of course we were honoured to make it.  There were to be 10 boys at this party and Richard wanted a cake to resemble the X-box control.  I don't even know what an X-box looks like, LOL but thankfully for Mel and of course "google", hahaha, we were able to draft a template.  We made all the knobs and buttons on the X-box as 3D and placed the X-box on a base cake.  Here is what we came up with;

The cake is choc fudge and the bottom is filled with cookies & cream filling covered in fondant. The X-box is choc fudge cake carved with the great template Mel made and all the knobs, buttons and lettering are made with fondant.
Happy Birthday Richard and thanks for enlightening me as to what an X-box is, LOL.
We had fun making this one.

Gabe's 30th Birthday

This past week was a busy one for us. Me working 5 days a week and coming home to bake & decorate and Mel with the little guy, soon to be 1, well he keeps her jumping. So 2 cakes required back to back is considered a busy week for us.  This 1st cake we did was required for a friend's son Gabriele who is turning 30.  Gabe's mom Lina offered to look after getting the cake for the party and wonderfully enough she asked us to make it for Gabe.  She had decided to go with a beer theme. She wanted to mugs clinking together for cheers which had to serve 30-40 people.  Here's what we came up with;


The base cake is one choc and one vanilla filled with choc mousse, yum!!!  Covered in fondant and the 2 beer mugs are cake as well, one choc and one vanilla.  The beer is melted carmel added to piping gel with a little brown food colouring.  The pretzels and peanuts are made from fondant. I place the edible Heineken and Moosehead labels around the base of the cake and I must have been leaning to the left cause if look at them they are all off and more to the left.  Should have measured!!!!  Oh well, ya think anybody noticed, LOL.  Happy 30th Gabe.......hope you enjoyed your cake!

October 10, 2010

Adriana's 1st Birthday

This morning we completed a birthday cake for Mel's neighbour's little girl who turned one. They were celebrating Adriana's 1st birthday at Downy's Farms for a fun filled morning at the petting zoo, pumpkin patch and a hay ride among other exciting things.  So in keeping with the farm theme Adriana's mom Stephanie wanted a cake with farm animals.  She saw one online that she liked and thanks to "The Pink Cake Box" we got our inspiration.  All the animals are made from fondant along with the flowers, etc. except for the topper's on the cake.  These larger animals and the # 1 were made from gum paste.  The fence was made with choc fondant, yum!  The 10" bottom tier is alternating layers of choc and vanilla cake with cookies & cream filling and the top 6" is a choc vegan cake with strawberry cream.  Both tiers are covered in pale green fondant.

Mel & I had so much fun making this cake and when Mel delivered it today Adriana's mommy & daddy were thrilled as were the guests. And according to Mel, Jackson had a fabulous time at Downy's farm with Adriana.  Happy 1st birthday Adriana!

October 3, 2010

Gabriela's 15th

Hi it's just me again, Mary. As I mentioned before this weekend was a busy one for us, we had 3 cakes to do.  Here is the 2nd one I did. It was for my neighbour's daughter who turns 15 tomorrow. She had a few friends over celebrating today and I was honoured to be asked to make the cake for her special day.

The cake is an 8" choc fudge with strawberry cream filling using fresh strawberries.  Covered in white fondant and the monogramed trinket box, daisies, #15 and bow are made with gum paste in Gabriela's favourite colour, purple.  I made the decorations in various diff shades and you can't tell from the pictures but I dusted the cake and deco with edible glitter. I think it turned out pretty sweet.  Margaret, Gabriela's mom loved it.  I hope Gabriela did too!  Happy Birthday Gabriela. 

October 2, 2010

Cameron's 5th Birthday

It's a busy weekend, 3 cakes to get done. One of the cakes was for Cameron, who is the grandson of my dear friend, Pat. She wanted to do something special for her little pride and joy on his 5th birthday.  She told me that Cameron just loved dirt bikes and especially ATVs. 
I made a double layer chocolate fudge cake, as chocolate is Cameron's favourite, and a simple vanilla butter cream filling with mini chocolate chips. Sound familiar, this flavour seems to be a hit with the little ones. 
Have a look at what I came up with;

I started off by buying a couple little ATVs at Walmart.  This way Cameron has a memento of his birthday cake and a couple of new toys to play with. 
After I filled the cake I did a little carving. Nothing much, I just wanted to make the cake look like rough terrain.  The pieces I cut off here and there I simply applied to different parts on top of the cake and I even dug out a small hole where the centre curve of the 5 would be for my pond.  Then I crumb coated it and covered it in green fondant.  When I finished covering the cake I stepped back to take a look and  it appeared like there were hills and valleys, which is what I was trying to achieve.  I cut out a # 5 out of brown fondant and to use for my road. I have to admit I got this idea from a cake I saw on line, but I changed ti to make it my own. Now since it's suppose to be a dirt road I covered the 5 with crushed choc chip cookies.  Choc chip cookies worked well because of the variation in colour due to the chips.  I had made the rocks ahead of time from gum paste/fondant mixed. The trees are made from fondant and the bushes are small pieces of fondant with piped icing.  I had so much fun making this cake. 
When Pat came by earlier today to pick up the cake she brought Cameron along with her.  The best part of making cakes is seeing the faces of the people picking them up especially the little ones.  Cameron's comment said it all for me "WOW, it's so cool!"  He couldn't wait to go home and eat his cake.


Well Cameron you made my day.  I wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Nicholas' heroes!

I finally downloaded the pictures of the cake for Nicholas' 3rd birthday.  Was required the Tuesday after Mandy's wedding. Nicholas had one wish for his cake and that was his 3 Super Heroes, "Iron Man", "Spiderman" and "The Hulk".  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find anything useful in cake decorating regarding "Iron Man".  I searched hi and low, Spiderman was no problem, even the Hulk didn't pose a problem but Iron Man........seriously someone should come up with something for Iron Man.  Even old faithful "Wilton" didn't have anything in regards to Iron Man.......and to find all three together, well good luck.  I figured I would end of finding some picture of each of them and print them on edible paper and somehow incorporate them on the cake.  As luck would have it Mel & I were in Winner's, go figure, and I saw a book of heroes in the kids section and low and behold I opened up the book and found a picture, yeah 1 picture that had all 3 heroes in it.  What are the odds!!!  Well here is a picture of the cake for Nicholas ordered by his Nonna and my BFF Marisa. 

Not bad huh? What luck in finding all 3 Super heroes together. Well I heard back from Marisa and Nicholas was thrilled with his cake.  The cake was a double layer (10") chocolate fudge cake with vanilla butter cream filling with added mini choc chips, and butter cream frosting & deco, picture printed on edible paper.  Happy 3rd birthday Nicholas!  3 already, my time flies!  Ciao for now.