October 25, 2010

Home Run Sports!!!!

Mel & I were going through some pictures of cakes we have created in the exciting past year of decorating. We came across one we did this past summer for a friend of Mel's that opened a baseball sports store and thought we'd like to share this one with you.  He had asked Mel if we could make a cake for his grand opening. This was a great honour to be asked to make a cake for such an important event for Tony.  And as we are both big baseball fans, and Mel still plays, we were thrilled to be a part of Tony's Grand Opening. Here's a picture of the cake we came up with;

This was quite a challenge for us as the cake had to be huge.  We started by making slabs of vanilla cake, which when put together was a 2 ft by 3 ft base. We covered it in butter cream and then put a 12"x 12" chocolate cake on top to make our field.  That's alot of cake!!!  This was all butter cream other than the baseballs  and the lettering which we made from fondant. In order to transport this cake we actually had to build a base from 2x4's which we nailed into cake boards.  HEAVY wasn't the word.......we definitely felt like the cake boss on this one, LOL.  Was well worth the experience! Tony and his staff loved it and the store is going strong!  Congrats Tony!

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