October 2, 2010

Nicholas' heroes!

I finally downloaded the pictures of the cake for Nicholas' 3rd birthday.  Was required the Tuesday after Mandy's wedding. Nicholas had one wish for his cake and that was his 3 Super Heroes, "Iron Man", "Spiderman" and "The Hulk".  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find anything useful in cake decorating regarding "Iron Man".  I searched hi and low, Spiderman was no problem, even the Hulk didn't pose a problem but Iron Man........seriously someone should come up with something for Iron Man.  Even old faithful "Wilton" didn't have anything in regards to Iron Man.......and to find all three together, well good luck.  I figured I would end of finding some picture of each of them and print them on edible paper and somehow incorporate them on the cake.  As luck would have it Mel & I were in Winner's, go figure, and I saw a book of heroes in the kids section and low and behold I opened up the book and found a picture, yeah 1 picture that had all 3 heroes in it.  What are the odds!!!  Well here is a picture of the cake for Nicholas ordered by his Nonna and my BFF Marisa. 

Not bad huh? What luck in finding all 3 Super heroes together. Well I heard back from Marisa and Nicholas was thrilled with his cake.  The cake was a double layer (10") chocolate fudge cake with vanilla butter cream filling with added mini choc chips, and butter cream frosting & deco, picture printed on edible paper.  Happy 3rd birthday Nicholas!  3 already, my time flies!  Ciao for now.

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