October 23, 2010

Richard's 13th Birthday

Another birthday cake......don't you just love birthdays!  This was the 2nd cake required this past week, actually delivered yesterday for Richard's birthday party.  Richard's mom Marisol, dear friend and neighbour, asked me to make Richard's cake and of course we were honoured to make it.  There were to be 10 boys at this party and Richard wanted a cake to resemble the X-box control.  I don't even know what an X-box looks like, LOL but thankfully for Mel and of course "google", hahaha, we were able to draft a template.  We made all the knobs and buttons on the X-box as 3D and placed the X-box on a base cake.  Here is what we came up with;

The cake is choc fudge and the bottom is filled with cookies & cream filling covered in fondant. The X-box is choc fudge cake carved with the great template Mel made and all the knobs, buttons and lettering are made with fondant.
Happy Birthday Richard and thanks for enlightening me as to what an X-box is, LOL.
We had fun making this one.

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