October 23, 2010

Reese's 3rd Birthday!

Hi! Mel here, so when I was asked to do a 3rd birthday cake for Reese, I knew I had to go straight to Reese who is a true princess and ask her what she wanted for her birthday cake. She told me that she wanted a "Pink Tinkerbell Cake". So, I figured I would do a character cake. I found a Tinkerbell character cake pan, and upon inspection, I realized that there is nothing pink on Tinkerbell  :(  So I thought I was stuck... Reese said she wanted "PINK". So I decided on making a vanilla cake and adding pink food colouring to make it a "pink Tinkerbell cake!" Great idea, right! Well it was well worth the idea when seeing Reese's face when she saw her cake and then cut into it to find a pink cake, well that alone was worth making this cake.  This was my 1st character cake, and it was fun to make just watching it come to life as I added details.  Reese was thrilled with her cake as was her mom and family.  Mom and I agreed that for a 1st character cake it turned out quite nicely.  Here's a picture of "Tink".


                         Happy 3rd Birthday Reese! 

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