July 10, 2014

Aloha baby!

Our dear friend Tiffany contacted us for this next cake which was for last Sunday the 6th of July. Her husband's cousin is expecting and they planned on a Hawaiian / Luau baby shower or tropical themed to help celebrate the upcoming event. Tiffany sent us a few ideas on designs but told us to just go with it, only criteria she wanted no grass skirts or coconut boobs, LOL.....only bright tropical colours.

This was such a fun cake to make. It sort of evolved as I started making some of the elements the night before like flowers, sea shells, our cute little baby and the surf boards.  And apparently when it comes to flavours for this family they want nothing other than their favourite "Chocolate Guinness". They are definitely hooked! and of course the two tiers are filled with white chocolate mousse, but as an added surprise I alternated the fillings on the bottom tier to include a filling layer of chocolate mousse.

This time around our little gum paste baby has fallen asleep on a surf board surrounded by gum paste flowers, sea shells and sand (golden brown sugar is used for the sand).

A few gum paste rocks marking the start of a water fall cascading down to the water tier below and pooling is a bit of a splash.

The top tier done in a vibrant lime green is surrounded by fondant palm trees and sand with a touch of bright flowers here and there.

We hope that the baby shower was a great success and that everyone enjoyed the cake as much as we enjoyed making it. We wish the Mommy to be all the best with her new little bundle of joy who will make his or her debut soon!

A Curious George 2nd Birthday!

Last Saturday we also had another fun birthday cake for little Mason who turned 2. His mom Kristen contacted us and told us that Mason just loves Curious George. Who doesn't love that adorable little monkey.  And in falling with the theme Kristen asked if we could make a banana flavoured cake. With "Best Ever Banana Cake" recipe I found on Food.com submitted by Rhonda "J" a while ago I was ready to go.  And by the way it really is the "BEST" Banana cake ever!

Both tiers are done in the Banana Cake and filled with a cinnamon cream cheese filling. Yum! All fondant covered with bright colours and candy covered chocolate balls surrounding the top tier.

Mason's name topping our cake with added fondant bananas.
Curious George's sweet face is done in fondant. I used a print out of his face the size I wanted it and then used it as a template to cut out the fondant pieces and layering them, with final touches of edible black marker to define features. One face placed in the front of the cake and one in the back.
This cake almost didn't make the birthday party though. Thank God that Kristen contacted me on Friday to tell me what time she'd be picking up the cake on Saturday.  "Saturday???" all correspondence said the 6th of July and Saturday was the 5th. A little flustered but I managed to get it done in time for the party.  Kristen also contacted me to tell me that the cake was delicious and they were very happy with it.
Happy 2nd Birthday Mason!

July 9, 2014

Baby shower!

This past Saturday Mel attended a baby shower thrown for her hubby Phil's cousin. Though this cake was a last minute decision it turned out pretty cute.  There really was no theme involved they only wanted it to be in the shape of a baby crib with the colours of blue and yellow. The blue because they know the baby is going to be a boy!

The cake which is the bed itself, is vanilla cake filled with white chocolate mousse and fresh sliced strawberries.

Having the grand kids all last week and trying to get this cake ready for a Saturday noon pick up, I blundered on the foot of the bed a bit.  Notice no direct pictures, but as you can see here I cut the foot board a little short, should have been same height as the head board. Ooops......anyway the client loved it and really that's all that matters in the end.

The foot board, head board and side rails are all made from gum paste and painted with edible brown food colour with a little added vodka to give it a shiny look and help it dry faster.  The bedding is all fondant with added sugar pearls.  The little mobile is made from a dowel with wire and gum paste hearts. Winnie is just a print mounted on some fondant.

We wish the Mommy to Be all the best with her
soon to be bundle of joy!

50 and still cruisin'

This cake I had the pleasure of doing was for a friend of a friend who turned 50 and his wife Stacey surprised him with a birthday bash on the 27th of June.  His love of boats and motor cycles was the inspiration to the cake and since he has both we decided to incorporate at least one in the design.  Since my sculpting skills are not the greatest I thought the boat would be a little easier to tackle.

When sculpting cakes it is much simpler to sculpt a make believe object, at least for me it is. When trying to recreate an actual object you want to be able to do it justice. It didn't turn out too bad but in hind sight it probably should have been a bit longer.  Below is a picture of their actual boat.

Very nice boat! but the one I made for Ed's 50th tastes so much better, LOL.  The cake was to feed quite a few people so the boat itself would not do, so we put it on a slab cake to serve as the water. 

Both the boat and the slab are Chocolate Guinness cake. The slab has a white chocolate mousse filling and the boat a chocolate mousse filling. Yes the boat is all cake. All details are made from fondant, along with the dock which is recreated from chocolate fondant and propped up on a cardboard base and skewers used for the hand rails and posts.


Happy 50th Birthday Ed!
Hope the party was a great success!

It's all about catching up.....

The past 2 weeks, including this one which is not quite over yet, I have had the great joy of watching over my 2 grandkids for full days.  Needless to say I'm exhausted, LOL, and haven't had much time to post anything as I fall asleep shortly after dinner once they've gone home.  I wouldn't trade this time for anything but boy I have forgotten what it's like so Kudos to all you young Mom's out there with little ones.  Mind you I'm not 30 anymore so that might have something to do with it too.

So my next posts following will be for the cakes I did these past 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy them.

Ciao for now!