July 9, 2014

50 and still cruisin'

This cake I had the pleasure of doing was for a friend of a friend who turned 50 and his wife Stacey surprised him with a birthday bash on the 27th of June.  His love of boats and motor cycles was the inspiration to the cake and since he has both we decided to incorporate at least one in the design.  Since my sculpting skills are not the greatest I thought the boat would be a little easier to tackle.

When sculpting cakes it is much simpler to sculpt a make believe object, at least for me it is. When trying to recreate an actual object you want to be able to do it justice. It didn't turn out too bad but in hind sight it probably should have been a bit longer.  Below is a picture of their actual boat.

Very nice boat! but the one I made for Ed's 50th tastes so much better, LOL.  The cake was to feed quite a few people so the boat itself would not do, so we put it on a slab cake to serve as the water. 

Both the boat and the slab are Chocolate Guinness cake. The slab has a white chocolate mousse filling and the boat a chocolate mousse filling. Yes the boat is all cake. All details are made from fondant, along with the dock which is recreated from chocolate fondant and propped up on a cardboard base and skewers used for the hand rails and posts.


Happy 50th Birthday Ed!
Hope the party was a great success!

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