November 24, 2013

Aaliyah's christening

Today marked a special day for a special little girl Aaliyah as she was christened. Her mom Jaya had previously ordered a cake from us for her sister's baby shower not so long ago and we were delighted when she contacted us once again with this very special request.


This pretty 2 tiered vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse was delivered today to help Aaliyah's family and friends celebrate. Jaya requested the cake to be in lavender and off white and mentioned that she would love to have a little baby sleeping in a flower.

This cute little sleeping baby is done in gum paste and we dressed her in a pretty little off white dress just like Aaliyah and set her to sleep in a soft lavender flower also made from gum paste.

A gum paste cross was placed beside the sleeping baby to guard and watch over her.

A diamond quilted design was done on the bottom tier with lavender flowers and glittery off white dragee  and little ruffled petals added as a border.

The bottom tier was covered in an off white fondant while the top tier is covered in a pretty lavender fondant. An off white ruffle and a lavender band with flowers were placed to border the top tier. Glittery off white dragee were randomly placed to add a little sparkle.

God Bless Aaliyah and her family!

It's a girl!

A surprise baby shower was held today to celebrate a new soon arrival of a little pink bundle for Hussain and his wife. Hussain contacted me and asked if I could make the cake for this special event. Since they already know the baby is a girl Hussain requested everything to be pink and white. He had specific ideas on the design of the cake and sent me a picture of what he wanted.

A 14" vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse was requested and all design elements on this cake are made with fondant and totally edible.


 Diapers and Pins
Soon the fun begins......

November 16, 2013

Naytashaa's Christening

This cake was requested by Sharon, a friend and previous customer, for her grand daughter's christening tomorrow.  Sharon contacted me and told me her Aunt had made a Jamaican rum cake for the occasion and asked if I would decorate it for her and I was more than happy to.

She had specific ideas for the cake and sent me a couple of pictures to give me an idea of what they had in mind for Naytashaa's big day. This 12x12" rum cake is covered in coral fondant and accented in white and silver.  One of the design elements that Sharon and her son requested were the baby blocks with Naytashaa's name. Her full name and date of the christening is also displayed on the top of the cake done in silver fondant along with little silver crosses around the cake. And since little Naytashaa is the star of the day her Dad asked if I could add a few stars. I made these in white fondant and dusted them with edible luster.

The bow was done in white gum paste with a soft butterfly imprint and dusted with edible luster.

We wish little Naytashaa God's blessings on her christening day and a beautiful life ahead.

November 12, 2013

Christening cookies

On Sunday Lyla was christened and we were happy to help with the celebration by making these cute little cookies for each guest attending her special day. Our sugar cookies decorating in fondant.

God Bless you Lyla!

A Serious Boston Fan

This cake I did for last Saturday was requested by Dee,  a friend of Mel's. Their friend Lauren was celebrating a birthday and is a serious Boston fan. Whether it be Boston Bruins or Boston Red Sox and since the Boston Red Sox are our World Series champs and Lauren, Dee and Mel are all baseball players and baseball is where they all met, Dee thought it only fitting the cake be in the Red Sox theme.

This 8" cake is our yummy red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling. The Boston Red Sox logo is printed on edible paper.  The baseball bats and ball are made from fondant/gum paste.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

November 8, 2013

A pretty birthday cake

Meral also requested a small cake for a friend of hers that is also celebrating a birthday. She thought it would be nice to acknowledge her friends birthday at Michael's party.  There was no real idea of what type of cake she wanted her only request that it be pretty.

I decided to go with a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling which is one of the flavor ideas Meral thought of but left it up to me to decide. With not yet knowing what I was going to do with this cake I made a few gum paste flowers in different shades of pinks. Once they dried I dusted them to highlight the centers and added pink dragee. 

I have to admit the colour of the fondant I used to cover the cake came to me after making a batch of light grey fondant for the brick work on the stadium. I have always liked pink and grey together.

I added a ruffled boarder just to add a little something more than your simple straight boarder. Who doesn't like ruffles. As I placed my 1st flower, the larger one front and center I got the idea of adding a few branches or stems which I saw (can't remember when) in one of my many cake decorating books. I think it just added a special little touch. These were done in a light brown fondant.

I finished it off by adding a few scattered white dragee.  I must say it did turn out quite pretty. Meral loved it, let's hope the birthday girl thinks so as well.

Happy Birthday!

NFL 30th Birthday

This cake was just picked up by Meral for her husband's birthday party tomorrow. Ssssh, it's a surprise so it's being stored at Michael's parent's house. In September we made a wedding cake for Mary who is Meral's sister in law and Meral loved it so she contacted us for this special cake to help celebrate this milestone birthday for her husband Michael.

Michael is a big football fan so Meral thought the cake should have something to do with the sport. We both agreed on a football stadium with no particular team just NFL football in general though I did add a few different team flags.

This was a first for us so I did consult the Internet and got a great deal of ideas. Since Michael's favourite flavour is chocolate that's what we did and filled it with a yummy butter cream with a hint of cappuccino flavouring. 

The field and the stadium seats are all cake made up of approximately 6  9x13" cakes.  All the fans are made from cake sprinkles. Aren't they colourful just like real fans, lol.

I also added some detail on the outside of the building like doors and windows.

All is pretty much edible except of course for the skewers which hold up the team flags and the goal posts.  Team flags, NFL logo and picture of helmet on field are all edible prints.

Oh yeah and the score board which I thought of too late to make it out of gum paste or fondant so I just printed up a generic scoreboard on photo paper and mounted it on 2 skewers.

Here's the back of the building with added windows and couple of doors made out of fondant.

I don't know why I picked SF helmet for the center field though I did put a SF flag up so why not. I didn't have small enough #'s and I really don't like piping #'s so not all the lines are marked but you get the idea.

NFL logo and team flags

What better way to show that Michael is turning 30 by putting it front and center and making it look like a score which I did with fondant and gold edible paint.

Happy 30th Michael!