November 24, 2013

Aaliyah's christening

Today marked a special day for a special little girl Aaliyah as she was christened. Her mom Jaya had previously ordered a cake from us for her sister's baby shower not so long ago and we were delighted when she contacted us once again with this very special request.


This pretty 2 tiered vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse was delivered today to help Aaliyah's family and friends celebrate. Jaya requested the cake to be in lavender and off white and mentioned that she would love to have a little baby sleeping in a flower.

This cute little sleeping baby is done in gum paste and we dressed her in a pretty little off white dress just like Aaliyah and set her to sleep in a soft lavender flower also made from gum paste.

A gum paste cross was placed beside the sleeping baby to guard and watch over her.

A diamond quilted design was done on the bottom tier with lavender flowers and glittery off white dragee  and little ruffled petals added as a border.

The bottom tier was covered in an off white fondant while the top tier is covered in a pretty lavender fondant. An off white ruffle and a lavender band with flowers were placed to border the top tier. Glittery off white dragee were randomly placed to add a little sparkle.

God Bless Aaliyah and her family!

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  1. A very sweet email from Jaya;
    Hi Mary!
    I just want to thank you so much for making a beautiful cake for Aaliyah's baptism. It was stunning and really made quite an impression on ALL of our guests. Everything was perfect! Now that the big day is over, I plan on enjoying my piece of cake (once the kids are in bed). I'm sure it's as tasty as it is beautiful. Although you have made two cakes for us now, I haven't had a chance to meet you. I hope to meet you some time in the near future for another one of our special events.

    Thanks for everything, Mary!

    Take care,