December 2, 2013

Tage's 1st Birthday

This past Saturday little Tage celebrated his 1st birthday. His mom Tanya asked us to make his cake.  She found a picture of a cake she liked and sent it to us. A very cute Muppets idea and the characters even spell out Tage's name.

How cute is this?  Obviously the picture Tanya found had a different name. She even drew out the characters in Muppet style so we would know what she had in mind. This 10" single tier is in our very popular chocolate fudge cake filled with cookies and cream buttercream and covered in off white buttercream ribbons.

The Muppets making up Tage's name are done in fondant and gum paste mix.
Of course we have Kermit
and Animal
  and Gonzo

  and Fozzie

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