December 9, 2013

Jeff Corvette

This past weekend Anthony turned 3 and his Dad, a former colleague of mine, asked if we could make his birthday cake and the theme was "Cars".  Everyone likes the movie Cars and every Cars cake ends up being Lightning McQueen or Nadar. Anthony's Dad asked if we could make "Jeff Corvette" from the "Cars" movie 2.  Since I have never seen this movie, Anthony's Dad sent over a picture of Jeff Corvette.

We recreated it in a 2D cake using the Lightning McQueen cake pan. The flavor of choice was marbled chocolate & vanilla filled with cookies and cream butter cream.

Now with using this pan, we decided to cover it in fondant as opposed to the typical star tip icing method used on with these character pans. We didn't do all the detail work on the side of the car as it appears on Jeff Corvette's side but we added the stars and a # 3 for Anthony's age.

We placed the car cake on a slab cake also done in marble chocolate & vanilla and filled with cookies and cream butter cream. We covered the slab cake in the black & white racing flag which is done in fondant squares.  All details are done in fondant and is totally edible.

We placed the birthday greeting on the front of the slab, and here you can see the bottom of the car cake and how the wheels appear to be 3D.

Happy 3rd Birthday Anthony!

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