December 9, 2013

Baby Einstein

Also this past weekend a little boy name Alyaan turned 1. His mom contacted me after attending a baby shower that we made the cake for and told me she loved it and wanted us to make Alyaan's cake.
The theme she chose for his birthday party was Baby Einstein and expressed that she wanted a colourful drum cake with the Baby Einstein caterpillar as a topper.

This 10" drum cake was done in a chocolate and vanilla cake in a checkerboard. Hopefully I can get Alyaan's mom to send a picture of the cake once it was cut so we can see the checkerboard effect.

All details of this cake is done in fondant except for the drum sticks which are fondant covered dowels. Edible gel colours and used like paint to create the Baby Einstein logo.

These 2 little characters on either side of the birthday boy's name are not actual characters from the Baby Einstein line. Alyaan's mom couldn't find plates, napkins etc in the Baby Einstein line but found these cute little characters which are along the same lines and colours, so she sent me a picture of them and asked if I could incorporate them into the cake. I think they turned out quite cute.

We also placed some colourful music notes around the drum as Baby Einstein is all about music. I love doing these bright and colourful cakes and when I dropped it off on Sunday they loved how it turned out.

Happy 1st Birthday Alyaan!

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