December 2, 2013

Dora & Diego Birthday wishes for Nolan

Yesterday Nolan turned 3 and his auntie Rhi asked us to make his birthday cake in the 2 characters he really likes to watch, Dora & Diego.

This very colourful single tier is our popular chocolate fudge cake with a cookies & cream butter cream filling.  Dora and Diego were created with fondant in cut out fashion and added to the front of the cake on either side of the birthday greeting.

Above to the left are the paper cut outs I used as a guide to recreate Dora & Diego and to the right are the ones done in fondant. Below you will see the fondant cut outs once they are placed on the cake.
Hills, flowers, grass and butterflies were added as scenery around the cake.


As a fun topper for this cake we decided to put Nolan's name done in colourful gum paste and added the funny faced stars and the # 3.

Happy Birthday Nolan!

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