June 30, 2013

Merry-go-round 3rd Birthday

This cake we just delivered today was ordered for little Sofia who turned 3 and loves carousels. This was a fun cake to make but took a lot more time that we thought.

The cake is a single tiered vanilla cake layers filled with a strawberry butter cream which we made with fresh Ontario strawberries.  The actual Merry-go-round is not edible.

The 4 horses are made from gum paste and embellished with fondant. Cookie cutters were used and two were used for each horse sandwiching them on the post to give them a 3D effect and each placed at different heights. Dowels were used for the post which are covered in fondant.
We used Styrofoam for the center post and the base of the tent and covered them in fondant. We thought this made for a lighter top than if we used rice krispy treats. 

A cone shaped form was used for molding a tent from gum paste and once it was dry it was attached to the top and embellished with fondant.  A little gum paste flag at top center was added marking Sofia's age.

Fondant clowns finished the carnival look and were added to the base making it appear as if they are holding the greeting for the birthday girl. Purchased clown heads was an easy finish to our clowns. To finish it all off we added edible glitter all over to give it a little sparkle.

The cake received great reviews from Sofia's parents and the few guests that had already arrived when we dropped this cake off today. We hope Sofia loved her cake and that everyone enjoyed the party.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sofia!

Julia's 1st Birthday

Next up was a cake requested from Mel's friend Erin who's daughter Julia turned 1 this past week. Family and friends joined them on Saturday afternoon to help celebrate and Mel, Phil and kids were among the party goers.  Erin showed us a picture of a cake she liked and asked if we could make a similar cake for Julia.

This colourful 2 tier was made up of a chocolate Guinness cake for the bottom tier, layered with white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse.  They loved the cake we did for Jule's 2nd birthday last week end and said they had to have the chocolate ganache cake for Julia's birthday and according to Julia's mom Erin it was a big hit.

Julia's little fondant monkey is sitting on a 6" vanilla cake filled with white chocolate mousse. This was our 1st attempt at making a polka dot cake on the inside. Erin told us to use her as a guinea pig on this one, though it didn't turn out the way we wanted it to, it was okay.

We knew it didn't turn out when we were baking it. We made the cake balls with a very light batter and they rose to the top when they should have stayed in the middle of the cake. Lesson learned. Mel took a picture of the cake once it was cut and you can still see the effect of the brightly coloured polka dots inside.

The brightly coloured balls around each tier are actually candy coated chocolate balls.

Happy 1st Birthday Julia!

Blue & White themed engagement cupcakes

This weekend was a busy one for MaryMel - 1st we had a cake for a friend of Mel's who wanted a chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache just because.  She didn't want any decorations just wanted it frosted with chocolate fudge butter cream, never thought to take a picture of it......Cindy picked up her cake on Friday when we found out it was for her own birthday but no party, just had an inkling for our chocolate Guinness cake.......we love accommodating.

Then up for Saturday, a friend of my husband got engaged on Saturday and they were celebrating with family and friends. As the hall provided a dummy cake for looks they asked us to provide 120 cupcakes for their guests to enjoy.

Half chocolate fudge and half vanilla cupcakes. We filled them with a variety of fillings; fresh raspberry cream, vanilla cream, cookies & cream and chocolate fudge butter cream and since their theme was white & blue we topped each cupcake with our fluffy vanilla butter cream and blue/white fondant flowers hit with a little glitter and a silver dragee center.

Our congratulations to the newly engaged couple.

June 23, 2013

Jule's 2nd Birthday

Our little Jules has turned "2", my how time flies. When you ask Jules what she wants she always says "Minnie" so we made her a Minnie themed birthday cake complete with hot pink, polka dots and zebra stripes.

We just switched up Minnie's bow from her usual pink with white polka dots to a zebra print bow.  The bottom zebra print tier of Jule's cake was chocolate Guinness cake.....4 layers of cake with 3 layers of yummy filling, alternating white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse.

The top hot pink tier is vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse. We made our 1st attempt on this cake to try our hand at making a zebra print cake on the inside. Not bad for a 1st attempt but next time we need to make it a little more defined.

Here's a picture of our little princess herself dressed to match her party d├ęcor.......

And guess who came and made a surprise visit to wish Jules a happy birthday and delight her and her little friends,

Happy 2nd Birthday Juliana!
We love soooooo much!!!

turquois bows & drinks cupcakes

Requested by our friend Nerine who we have made cupcakes for before, for a small gathering of friends.

There were 1 doz vanilla cupcakes and 1 dz red velvet. We also punch them up a bit with a little filling. Of course the best filling for red velvet is cream cheese icing and the vanilla were filled with a vanilla cream.  The tops were fondant with zebra striping and the colour of choice for our little drink glasses and bows was turquoise.

The only non edible is the swizzle stick in the drink which we used white covered wire tinted with pink edible glitter.

June 15, 2013

A Safari Birthday

This cake which was just delivered today was requested by Josie who sent us a picture of a cake she found online and asked if we could make this for a double birthday.  We made some slight changes but thank "Just a Bite by Viv" for the inspiration.

This 3 tier cake is made up of red velvet cake filled with cream cheese filling. All details are made from fondant except for our little animal friends which are made from gum paste.


We wish a big Happy Birthday to our 2 little recipients!
who incidentally we didn't get their names from Josie.

40th Birthday

Last evening I delivered this cake that we made for Mary who turned 40 and had an evening of celebrating with friends and family.  The cake requested was actually from Mary who sent us a sketch of a handbag and shoe and asked if we could also add a bottle of nail polish.

We modified the handbag and shoe slightly from the picture sent to us.  The handbag, which is the cake, is lemon cake filled with fresh raspberry/lemon butter cream. Covered in hot pink fondant.

The shoe is made from gum paste, with a bow and some added bling. A hot pink inner sole matches the handbag.

Mary's initial and the # 40 was added to the inner sole.  The quilting on the bag was highlighted with some edible petal dust for some dimension.

You should never paint your nails while on white fabric, as you can see some polish spilt. The polish bottle and cap also made from gum paste.

We couldn't resist adding a little bling to the back of the shoe. The little crystals are not edible, but then you wouldn't want to eat the shoe anyway.

We hope Mary had a wonderful birthday and hope that everyone enjoyed her cake.


Baby Booties baby shower

This past Thursday we celebrated Shannon and her soon to be born little baby girl who is being named "Stella". Such a pretty name for a cute little bundle that we can't wait to meet.  We were asked to help celebrate with a cake and our decorated sugar cookies that were thank you favours for each guest.

This single tiered vanilla cake is filled with a yummy cookies & cream butter cream which we added a touch of cappuccino flavouring.

The booties which we trimmed in pink were made from gum paste. The baby block is cake covered in fondant and spells "B A B Y".

The colour theme is what Shannon has chosen for little Stella's nursery.  Here are a few of the sugar cookies made as shower favours. All cookies are decorated in fondant and consist of bibs, rattles, baby bottles and baby prams.

We wish Shannon all the best.....
can't wait to meet you "Stella"

June 11, 2013

Emma's Minnie Mouse birthday

This past Sunday was a special day for a special little girl. Emma turned 4 and wanted Minnie to help her celebrate. So Mom asked if we could make her a Minnie cake for her special day.

When Emma's mom contacted us she had an idea of what she wanted for the cake and hot pink was a big part of it.  This 10" square cake is vanilla cake with cookies and cream butter cream filling.

Complete with mouse ears and Minnie's trademark of her bow and polka dots. The # 4 is made with gum paste, Minnie's bow is gum paste and fondant mix, all else is fondant.

We wish Emma a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

Bruce & Najla's wedding

This wedding cake was for a couple that we had made an small engagement cake for last year. We were happy when they contacted us to make a wedding cake for their special day this past Saturday.

This 4 tier white fondant cake has a fabric looking fondant drape down the one side accented with pleated bows at the top and bottom.  2 of the tiers have white dragee (sugar pearls) scattered and each tier is bordered with a string of gems.

This 4 tier is made up of a vanilla gluten free cake filled with vanilla butter cream, a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese. The cute little topper was supplied by the bride and groom.

We wish Najla and Bruce all the happiness for a bright new future together!