June 15, 2013

40th Birthday

Last evening I delivered this cake that we made for Mary who turned 40 and had an evening of celebrating with friends and family.  The cake requested was actually from Mary who sent us a sketch of a handbag and shoe and asked if we could also add a bottle of nail polish.

We modified the handbag and shoe slightly from the picture sent to us.  The handbag, which is the cake, is lemon cake filled with fresh raspberry/lemon butter cream. Covered in hot pink fondant.

The shoe is made from gum paste, with a bow and some added bling. A hot pink inner sole matches the handbag.

Mary's initial and the # 40 was added to the inner sole.  The quilting on the bag was highlighted with some edible petal dust for some dimension.

You should never paint your nails while on white fabric, as you can see some polish spilt. The polish bottle and cap also made from gum paste.

We couldn't resist adding a little bling to the back of the shoe. The little crystals are not edible, but then you wouldn't want to eat the shoe anyway.

We hope Mary had a wonderful birthday and hope that everyone enjoyed her cake.


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