June 23, 2013

Jule's 2nd Birthday

Our little Jules has turned "2", my how time flies. When you ask Jules what she wants she always says "Minnie" so we made her a Minnie themed birthday cake complete with hot pink, polka dots and zebra stripes.

We just switched up Minnie's bow from her usual pink with white polka dots to a zebra print bow.  The bottom zebra print tier of Jule's cake was chocolate Guinness cake.....4 layers of cake with 3 layers of yummy filling, alternating white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse.

The top hot pink tier is vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse. We made our 1st attempt on this cake to try our hand at making a zebra print cake on the inside. Not bad for a 1st attempt but next time we need to make it a little more defined.

Here's a picture of our little princess herself dressed to match her party d├ęcor.......

And guess who came and made a surprise visit to wish Jules a happy birthday and delight her and her little friends,

Happy 2nd Birthday Juliana!
We love soooooo much!!!

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