June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Coach!

Today the Oakville A's minor baseball team will be celebrating their coach's birthday after their game tonight.  Jody, Coach Paul's wife gave Mel a call and asked if we could make a baseball themed cake to surprise Paul on his birthday. The cake requested is a vanilla cake with vanilla cream filling.

Of course it had to be a baseball diamond. Covered in green fondant with vanilla baseball cake also filled with vanilla cream is covered in white fondant with red fondant stitching detail. Bases were made with fondant while brown sugar was used for base lines. A couple of fondant bats are added to either side of the cake.  Green buttercream is piped around the ball and around the cake for grass.

We wish Coach Paul a very Happy Birthday!
 And good luck with the game tonight.

2nd Birthday Cupcakes

After the Boston Bruins cupcakes we made for last Saturday, we received a call Sunday telling us that everyone loved the cupcakes and if we could make a dozen more for a little girl by the name of Chelsea who is turning 2 years old and arrange them in a # 2. These were dropped off yesterday afternoon so Chelsea and her family could enjoy them while celebrating.

Chocolate cupcakes filled with vanilla cream and topped with our vanilla buttercream. Flowers done in pink, yellow & lilac fondant.  We added 3 gum paste butterflies with the birthday wishes. Which was done in pink fondant but a little hard to see.

We wish Chelsea a very happy 2nd birthday!

Juliana's Photo Shoot

Just when you think you're done with cakes for the weekend Mel throws in..."I almost forgot, we have to make a cake for Juliana's 1st birthday photo shoot today".  This all being said as she is walking out the door with Avery's cake in hand on her way to the party.  The photo shoot was to take place at 4:00 Sunday afternoon right after Avery's party.  Well guess who got to bake & decorate a smash cake. What are Grandmas for anyway, lol.  This is the quickest cake I've ever made. Baked, cooled, cut into # 1 and frosted and at Mel's door by 4.

A simple vanilla cake, no filling and frosted. I even used some of the flowers we had left over from Avery's cake.  After all this is only for pictures and Jules smashing it, hahaha. Can't wait to see those pictures.

June 25, 2012

Avery's 4th Birthday

Our final cake for the weekend was a birthday cake for Avery who turned 4 years old. Avery's favourite princess is Belle and we were told she also loves flowers. So we created this cake for her to help celebrate and share with her friends and family.

As requested by Avery herself the cake is a 12x12" half vanilla cake and half strawberry cake filled with white chocolate cream and fresh strawberries.  We made an edible print of Princess Belle and used fondant daisies in Avery's favourite colours along with her birthday wishes.  The cake is bordered with pink candy covered chocolate balls.

Mel, Phil and the kids were invited to Avery's party yesterday. Avery loved her cake and everyone had lots of fun helping Avery celebrate.

Happy 4th Birthday Avery!

June 24, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle little star.....

As Hubby and I went to the wedding last night I left Mel hard at work getting our next 2 orders ready for today. Last year we made a wedding cake for Tiffany's big day and now we were delighted to be asked to make her a cake for another wonderful event.  Tiffany is due with her 1st child in August and her sister Melissa asked if we could make something special as they celebrate by throwing Tiffany a baby shower.  Tiffany and her hubby opted not to know if it's a boy or a girl and decided to be surprised as he or she enters this world.

Not really knowing the design route we were going to take, we started by making a little gum paste baby a few days ago and then the design started to evolve when we made a crescent moon and some stars.  We then came up with the Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are..... theme. Tiffany's sister Melissa requested a 10" chocolate fudge cake which we filled with white chocolate cream topped with oreo cookie crumbs.   We covered the cake in white fondant and Mel dusted it with pink and blue edible dust which created a soft back drop.

Our little baby is sleeping on fondant clouds being watched over by our crescent moon (notice the moon has a face) and surounded by stars.  Fondant clouds are also used around the cake fondant moons and stars.  The cake is borded with pink and blue candy covered chocolates.

Melissa, Tiffany's sister who by the way is also due with her 1st child in September,  picked up the cake this morning and was delighted when she saw the result. The shower was to take place at the Mandarin for a luncheon.  We trust all went well and Tiffany received some wonderful gifts to help her get ready for baby.

We wish Mommy, Daddy and baby all the best.

and to the soon new arrival, remember......

Pink or Blue we welcome you!

Renee's special day!

Our neighbour Renee's special day has finally arrived. Yesterday Rene and Dimitri said their vows and became one in front of their loved ones. The past couple of weeks we had been working on the gum paste flowers that were to be on the cake we made for their big day.

The design Renee chose was a 4 tier with a very elegant white on white with a touch of bling.

Each tier is bordered by a band of tiny glittery stones which certainly gave this cake the bling factor. The gum paste flowers made up of Peony and Roses softly cascade at different levels. Each flower was also lightly dusted with a edible silver dusting powder and the 2nd tier and top tier are imprinted with a Peony in the fondant and highlighted with the same silver dust.

A 12" round chocolate Guinness cake with white chocolate cream filling made up the bottom tier of this cake while the 2nd tier (10"), 3rd tier (8") and top tier (6") were all red velvet cake with cream cheese filling which happens to be Renee and Dimitri's favourite.  The top tier is being saved for them to enjoy on their 1st year anniversary.

Mel and I delivered and set up the cake at The Royalton Banquet Hall a few short hours before the reception and the decor of the hall was done in a beautiful elegance with a definite touch of bling which Renee loves.

Hubby and I were honoured to be among the many guests to help celebrate this wonderful day. Renee looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful princess gown and Dimitri stood by her looking very handsome and beaming with pride.  The day was a great success and the evening filled with great food and wonderful company.  Added entertainment was also provide which included a visit from Elvis, actually Sam who is an Elvis impersonated did a great job and sang 3 favourites for us.  All in all it was a great time shared by all.

We wish Renee and Dimitri many wonderful years together with lots of love, happiness and prosperity!

Confirmation celebration

Our 2nd cake of the weekend was requested by an old friend of mine Rita. Yesterday Rita and her husband Rick threw a celebration party to honour their son Eric's on his confirmation with family and close friends in attendance. We were delighted to a part of his celebration by providing Eric with a cake for his special day.

When Rita and I met to discus the design of the cake she told me that she liked the look of quilting which we had done on some of our previous cakes she had seen on our site. We decided on the quilting for the bottom tier which is a 12x12" lemon cake filled with lemon curd. Since the colour red is representative of confirmations we added the red sugar pearls to complete the quilted design. The top tier is an 8x8" red velvet cake with a cream cheese filing and bordered with a red fondant band.

The cross and dove topper is created with gum paste with a little added luster dust. Gum paste doves are also present on either sides of the top tier and also on the fondant banner.

We wish Eric all the best and congratulations on his confirmation.

Boston fan turns 50!

This weekend was a very busy weekend for MaryMel Cakes. Picked up yesterday was our 1st order of the week end which came by a colleague of my husband who's friend was turning 50 and a few friends were gathering to help celebrate. The request was for chocolate cupcakes and since the birthday boy is a very big Boston Bruins fan we were asked to incorporate the Boston Bruins somehow.

There are 24 cupcakes in all and of course we couldn't just give them a box of cupcakes, not for the big 50, so we arranged the cupcakes to make sure all knew what they were for.  We filled the chocolate cupcakes with our yummy white chocolate cream. The logos were printed on edible paper and mounted on fondant circles.  The cupcakes were 1st topped with our butter cream icing which gave our toppers a little cushion to sit on.

We somehow managed not to get the birthday boy's name but MaryMel Cakes wishes him a wonderful 50th Birthday!

June 17, 2012

Juliana's 1st Birthday

Well yesterday we hosted our little princess Juliana's 1st Birthday party at our home with all her friends and relatives here to help her celebrate. It was the perfect weather for a fun back yard party which included a bouncy castle for the kids to enjoy and lots of good food.

The theme of Juliana's party was the Hungry Caterpillar and I had the fun of making her cake.

Of course her cake was made with the theme in mind. The bottom tier is vanilla with white chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie crumbs for the filling and the top tier is our vegan chocolate cake and chocolate mousse filling. The border on both tiers is made up of candy covered chocolate balls which was a great find at one of my suppliers. Saved me time from making all those colourful balls out of fondant and they were certainly yummy too.

The #1 and the heart balloons with Juliana's name are made from gum paste and more chocolate balls surrounding them.

The Hungry Caterpillar wraps around the bottom tier and if you look close you can see his little feet. The top tier has a butterfly on the front and one on the back which are made from fondant as is the caterpillar. And in keeping with the theme we also made 24 cupcakes, 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla for those who couldn't stay for the cake cutting got to take some cupcakes home to enjoy.

So if you know the story of the Hungry Caterpillar you will understand the cupcake toppers and why they have a hole in them. The caterpillar got so hungry that he started eating through everything. We didn't make every item from the book, we just picked a few which include, apples, strawberries, watermelon slices, swiss cheese, lolly pops, ice cream cones, cupcakes, oranges, pears, and chocolate cake slices with a candle on top.  The chocolate cupcakes had a little surprise in each, a few little chocolate balls dropped in the centre to make it interesting and the vanilla are filled with chocolate mousse. They are topped with vanilla butter cream and then our fun cupcake toppers.

Here's our little princess taking a moment to cool down with a drink of water. Mel happened to find (online, of course) a cute little sundress for Jules to wear and keeping with the theme though you can't see it here but it is a Hungry Caterpillar dress and even her barrette is a little caterpillar, too cute!

Here she is with her big brother Jackson and giving her a hug is her daycare provider's son Brandin. The 3 are just chilln' out. Juliana's actual birthday is tomorrow the 18th of June but we had a great day with great friends and family around her.

Where does the time go. Just seems like yesterday that Mel & Phil brought our little grand daughter home and now she's "1" and running all over the place. Precious moments pass in a blink of an eye, so enjoy every moment you can my friends.

Happy 1st Birthday to our little Angel
We love you lots!


June 11, 2012

Grad cake

I will be delivering a cake tomorrow to DaVinci Banquet Hall where friends and family will be helping Domenico celebrate his graduation. This cake was ordered by his sister Marie who requested a book with a graduation cap on top for our grad Domenico who attended York University studying Law & Society. The school colours for York U are red, black & white which we incorporated in this cake.

The flavour of cake chosen is Domenico's favourite, lemon cake. Which we filled with a lemon curd topped with lemon mousse. 

The cap is also cake but the top of the cap is a fondant covered board. 

Congratulations Domenico, we wish you success and happiness in your chosen career.

Double anniversaries

Yesterday we had a cake picked up which was a last minute request by Mel's neighbour's sister. Two couples were celebrating anniversaries and a small group of friends decided to get together to help them celebrate.  Our client's only request was the cake had to be vegan, and the design was entirely up to us.

Since the weather has been so nice and summery we thought a very summery design was in order. Actually Mel came up with this, I think she saw something similar in one of our many cake books.  The cake is a double layer 9" chocolate vegan cake with a vanilla vegan cream & oreo cookie crumbs for the filling. Very delish!

We covered the cake in a soft yellow fondant and added colourful stripes. The stripes and daisies are made from fondant. 

We wish the two couples a very Happy Anniversary and many wonderful years together!

Catch up

Well haven't been blogging lately but have been busy and getting busier, yeah!  Actually we have been getting ready for a wedding coming up on the 23rd of June which I and hubby have been invited to attend.  Our neighbour's daughter is getting married and we are delighted that Renee asked us to make her cake.  Can't wait to show you pictures, but for now I have been working on all the flowers that will be on this cake.  The cake will be white on white with Peony and roses.  I have never made peony before but there's a first time for everything and I actually enjoy making them almost as much as I like making roses.  Here's a sneak peek at the peony and roses. Only a few more to go........

My first peony made with the instructions that came with the cutters.....not bad uh, this has a gum paste centre......I also made some peony using instructions I found from the web using a small Styrofoam ball as the centre

a little different effect but I think I like both ways, so I'm using both. These will be tipped with a little silver luster dust to add a little bling.  Can't wait to see the finished cake..........and the bride's reaction.  She had a definite design idea for this cake and was excited when she saw the flowers I'm working on,

Here's a full rose and a rose bud also for Renee's cake. These too will be dusted with silver luster dust.  It's getting close and still a lot more flowers to do and in the mean time more cakes to do.  So stay tuned.....