June 28, 2012

Juliana's Photo Shoot

Just when you think you're done with cakes for the weekend Mel throws in..."I almost forgot, we have to make a cake for Juliana's 1st birthday photo shoot today".  This all being said as she is walking out the door with Avery's cake in hand on her way to the party.  The photo shoot was to take place at 4:00 Sunday afternoon right after Avery's party.  Well guess who got to bake & decorate a smash cake. What are Grandmas for anyway, lol.  This is the quickest cake I've ever made. Baked, cooled, cut into # 1 and frosted and at Mel's door by 4.

A simple vanilla cake, no filling and frosted. I even used some of the flowers we had left over from Avery's cake.  After all this is only for pictures and Jules smashing it, hahaha. Can't wait to see those pictures.

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