June 24, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle little star.....

As Hubby and I went to the wedding last night I left Mel hard at work getting our next 2 orders ready for today. Last year we made a wedding cake for Tiffany's big day and now we were delighted to be asked to make her a cake for another wonderful event.  Tiffany is due with her 1st child in August and her sister Melissa asked if we could make something special as they celebrate by throwing Tiffany a baby shower.  Tiffany and her hubby opted not to know if it's a boy or a girl and decided to be surprised as he or she enters this world.

Not really knowing the design route we were going to take, we started by making a little gum paste baby a few days ago and then the design started to evolve when we made a crescent moon and some stars.  We then came up with the Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are..... theme. Tiffany's sister Melissa requested a 10" chocolate fudge cake which we filled with white chocolate cream topped with oreo cookie crumbs.   We covered the cake in white fondant and Mel dusted it with pink and blue edible dust which created a soft back drop.

Our little baby is sleeping on fondant clouds being watched over by our crescent moon (notice the moon has a face) and surounded by stars.  Fondant clouds are also used around the cake fondant moons and stars.  The cake is borded with pink and blue candy covered chocolates.

Melissa, Tiffany's sister who by the way is also due with her 1st child in September,  picked up the cake this morning and was delighted when she saw the result. The shower was to take place at the Mandarin for a luncheon.  We trust all went well and Tiffany received some wonderful gifts to help her get ready for baby.

We wish Mommy, Daddy and baby all the best.

and to the soon new arrival, remember......

Pink or Blue we welcome you!

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  1. As always, the cake was beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat:) Many compliments to you from me and my guests, especially on the baby. People just could not beleive that was done by hand and not bought. Another wonderful cake from Mary and Mel! Thanks ladies your passion shines through!!