February 17, 2013

Rescue a Pug fundraiser

Our close friend Lisa who owns 2 pugs and is involved in a fund raiser being held today to support the rescue and adoption of pugs. She asked us to make some cupcakes to help support the cause.

These cute little pugs are made with fondant which top our delicious red velvet cupcakes filled with cream cheese filling and an added dollop on top to hold our little pugs in place.

We wish everyone at the fund raiser great success!

65th Birthday

This next cake was requested by a friend who's Dad was turning 65. The family was taking him out for a nice dinner at the Copa Cabana in Toronto and requested a small cake to help celebrate the occasion.  The request was for a chocolate cake filled with white chocolate cream but wanted a scene where his Dad was relaxing on the couch watching TV while his wife vacuumed under his feet. LOL.

Okay so it's not to scale.......where's Ralph (cake boss artist) when you need him.  We decided to make the couch out of the cake and when asked their couch is brown with brown pillows.  His Dad wearing a white and green striped shirt (his soccer teams colours) is sitting with his feet up and out of the way of the vacuum. Dad and Mom, vacuum, TV and TV stand are all made out of gum paste.

Happy 65th Birthday!

More Monster High

Renata called me up last week and told me she had seen our Monster High cupcakes online and asked if we could make some for her daughter's 7th birthday.

The cupcakes were 10 vanilla and 10 chocolate filled with white chocolate cream and topped with butter cream and of course fondant Monster High details.  The only difference from our last ones was that our current birthday girl prefers the colour purple instead of pink and we always aim to please.

Happy 7th Birthday!

Super Mario Bros

This next cake was ordered by Sonia for her son Riciardo's 8th birthday. Richiardo is a big Mario Bros fan. Sonia sent us a picture of a cake Riciardo thought was cool so we took ideas from it to create Riciardo cake;

This 9 x 13" cake is vanilla with vanilla butter cream filling. All details are made from fondant except for Mario, Luigi, the princess and a couple of other characters which were bought.


Along with the cake Sonia requested cookies for the loot bags also done in the Super Mario Bros theme. We chose 3 characters for our sugar cookies with fondant details.

We hope Riciardo had a fabulous party yesterday and we wish him wonderful birthday wishes!


Elegant Wedding

This past week was a busy one for me and Mel starting with a small wedding in which we asked to provide a simple and elegant cake. The bride's bouquet was purple and white roses so we chose to do the same for the cake topper.

This 2 tier cake is vanilla with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries for the filling.  We added silver dragee to create the swag and drop design and trimmed each tier with a purple satin rope.

We wish the happy couple all the best the future can give!

February 9, 2013

God Bless Anthony

Tiffany, one of Mel's close friends is marking another special day tomorrow, her son's Christening day.  We were thrilled when we made Tiffany's wedding cake, then baby shower cake and now Anthony's Christening cake.

Tiffany's mom just picked up the cake today and was thrilled when she saw it. This 2 tier cake is red velvet with cream cheese filling. This time we decided to go hexagon with colours Tiffany chose for the Christening, cream & blue.


The cross is made from gum paste touched in gold glitter, the rosary is made from gum paste pearls and blue dragee.

God Bless Anthony!

February 5, 2013

Fit for a Princess!

Okay so now we're caught up........this next cake was for this past weekend to help celebrate Mary's 40th birthday.  I've known Mary since she was about 8 or 9 years old and now she babysits my grand children, oh my I feel old.  Mary is a very big fan of "Cinderella" but then who isn't right?  When I say big fan I mean "BIG" fan.  So her husband Chris decides to throw her a surprise party and asked us to make a Cinderella cake.  Now since she is 40 we decided to make a more mature cake, one that is fit for a "Princess".....

I know what you are thinking.....looks a bit like a wedding cake huh......but we wanted to make it elegant and a bit regal.  We made a 3 tier cake for the look but only the bottom tier is actually real cake.  Mary doesn't like chocolate so we made vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

The beautiful Cinderella topper is from the Bradbury Exchange. Since hubby & I and Mel with hubby and the kids were invited to Mary's birthday party we decided to purchase this collectible as part of her birthday gift and use it as the cake topper which can be added to her extensive Cinderella collection.

We pulled the navy from Cinderella's dress to cover the cake. 

All the details on the cake were done in gold accents. We stenciled the design with edible gold paint and the fondant tear drops dusted in gold luster with added gold dragee.

White gum paste roses dusted in white pearl dust and tipped in gold added that little extra to the cake.

A little edible glitter was sprinkled all over the cake.....just because it's "Cinderella"! Mary absolutely loved her cake and we received many compliments on looks and taste.  We wish Mary a wonderful year ahead and always remember Mary, you are only as old as you feel and judging by all the dancing and fun you were having at your birthday party you are only 40 years YOUNG!

Happy 40th!

A Special Juvenus Birthday

This cake is a very special cake made for a dear friend's dad who turned 78 on the 28th of January. Nancy's dad is a big Juventus fan!  So Nancy and her sisters requested this just for him.

Nancy's dad was recently diagnosed with cancer so the family wants to cherish every moment they have with making memories with their husband, Dad, Nonno, brother......and we are honoured to have been able to make this cake for him.  This 1/4 slab is vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream & fresh strawberries. The team logo is printed from edible paper.

Happy 78th Birthday Nonno!  May you always be surrounded with Love, Life and Happiness. Our prayers are with you!

Monster High Cupcakes

For a special little girl who loves "Monster High", these cupcakes were made especially for her on her 6th birthday.

A dozen vanilla and a dozen chocolate cupcakes filled with white chocolate cream and topped with yummy butter cream icing in the bright colours of Monster High. Then topped with fondant Monster High girly skeletons and #6 on hearts.

Capture the rainbow......

Okay time to catch up.....the next 2 cakes and cupcakes are from January.......we're just a little behind......

So what kind of cake do you make for a boy who absolutely loves "Skittles"? A "Skittles cake of course......Jordon who turned 13 back on the 13th of January requested a "Skittles" cake so his mom Sandra contacted us and asked if we could come up with one and this is what we did;

We bought a bag of Skittles to help us out and tried recreating the bag but with cake and fondant. The 1/4 slab cake is vanilla filled with vanilla cream and of course real Skittles are used to decorate. Note**I did omit the french wording that was on the bag, oooops!

We cut a small corner of the cake to resemble an opening of the bag and Skittles falling out.  Jordon's mom loved the cake when she picked it up that day for the party. It was a lot of fun to make and we are happy to have been able to help make Jordon's birthday special.