February 17, 2013

65th Birthday

This next cake was requested by a friend who's Dad was turning 65. The family was taking him out for a nice dinner at the Copa Cabana in Toronto and requested a small cake to help celebrate the occasion.  The request was for a chocolate cake filled with white chocolate cream but wanted a scene where his Dad was relaxing on the couch watching TV while his wife vacuumed under his feet. LOL.

Okay so it's not to scale.......where's Ralph (cake boss artist) when you need him.  We decided to make the couch out of the cake and when asked their couch is brown with brown pillows.  His Dad wearing a white and green striped shirt (his soccer teams colours) is sitting with his feet up and out of the way of the vacuum. Dad and Mom, vacuum, TV and TV stand are all made out of gum paste.

Happy 65th Birthday!

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