February 5, 2013

Capture the rainbow......

Okay time to catch up.....the next 2 cakes and cupcakes are from January.......we're just a little behind......

So what kind of cake do you make for a boy who absolutely loves "Skittles"? A "Skittles cake of course......Jordon who turned 13 back on the 13th of January requested a "Skittles" cake so his mom Sandra contacted us and asked if we could come up with one and this is what we did;

We bought a bag of Skittles to help us out and tried recreating the bag but with cake and fondant. The 1/4 slab cake is vanilla filled with vanilla cream and of course real Skittles are used to decorate. Note**I did omit the french wording that was on the bag, oooops!

We cut a small corner of the cake to resemble an opening of the bag and Skittles falling out.  Jordon's mom loved the cake when she picked it up that day for the party. It was a lot of fun to make and we are happy to have been able to help make Jordon's birthday special.

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