February 5, 2013

Fit for a Princess!

Okay so now we're caught up........this next cake was for this past weekend to help celebrate Mary's 40th birthday.  I've known Mary since she was about 8 or 9 years old and now she babysits my grand children, oh my I feel old.  Mary is a very big fan of "Cinderella" but then who isn't right?  When I say big fan I mean "BIG" fan.  So her husband Chris decides to throw her a surprise party and asked us to make a Cinderella cake.  Now since she is 40 we decided to make a more mature cake, one that is fit for a "Princess".....

I know what you are thinking.....looks a bit like a wedding cake huh......but we wanted to make it elegant and a bit regal.  We made a 3 tier cake for the look but only the bottom tier is actually real cake.  Mary doesn't like chocolate so we made vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

The beautiful Cinderella topper is from the Bradbury Exchange. Since hubby & I and Mel with hubby and the kids were invited to Mary's birthday party we decided to purchase this collectible as part of her birthday gift and use it as the cake topper which can be added to her extensive Cinderella collection.

We pulled the navy from Cinderella's dress to cover the cake. 

All the details on the cake were done in gold accents. We stenciled the design with edible gold paint and the fondant tear drops dusted in gold luster with added gold dragee.

White gum paste roses dusted in white pearl dust and tipped in gold added that little extra to the cake.

A little edible glitter was sprinkled all over the cake.....just because it's "Cinderella"! Mary absolutely loved her cake and we received many compliments on looks and taste.  We wish Mary a wonderful year ahead and always remember Mary, you are only as old as you feel and judging by all the dancing and fun you were having at your birthday party you are only 40 years YOUNG!

Happy 40th!

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