May 26, 2013

Communion cake

Last week we were contacted by a close friend Tina who also bakes and decorates cakes, cookies etc. She was in a pickle and needed some help, so she asked if we could help her out by making a communion cake for a little girl.  Tina sent us the specs and we were happy to help out.

This 2 tier cake consists of a vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries for the bottom tier and chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla cream for the top tier. 

A sparkly lilac cross surrounded by ribbon roses adorn the top of the cake while a lovely bow is front and centre.

Accented by silver fondant balls around each tier and a little accent in silver also added on the sides of the top tier.

We wish this little girl all the best on her 1st Communion and we were happy to be able to help out.

Princess castle

Okay, so with the problems I had with my iPhone, we lost all the pictures I took of a very pretty Princess Castle we made for Kendra who turned 1 last week.  I am waiting for pictures of the cake to be sent to me from Kendra's dad and/or Uncle.  So please hang tight for Kendra's "princess castle cake".

May 22, 2013

Olivia's 4th Birthday

This past Monday we celebrated our Victoria Day but also it was Olivia's 4th birthday. Olivia is Jackson's and Juliana's neighbour so of course they were there to help celebrate. Olivia's mom asked us to make some cupcakes for Olivia and her friends and family.  Olivia also shares a birthday with her aunt Marie who we mentioned in the birthday greeting.

These pictures were taken by Olivia's mom at the party.  The giant cupcake actually had a sparkly # 4 made from gum paste and also 3 gum paste butterflies in flight (attached to wires) which are not in this picture.  The pictures I took of this cake & cupcakes somehow disappeared from my iPhone when I was downloading them onto the computer. Don't you just love technology :(

The giant cupcake is made up of chocolate cake for the bottom 1/2 and vanilla cake for the top 1/2 and filled with vanilla mousse. Topped with butter cream and a few butterflies, bows and daisies. The surrounding cupcakes were 1 doz vanilla filled with cookies & cream and 1 doz chocolate filled with vanilla mousse. They were also topped with our yummy butter cream and each cupcake had either a butterfly or daisy topper.

Thanks to Erin (Olivia's mom) for providing the pictures and saving us on this.
Happy 4th Birthday Olivia!

May 11, 2013

Wedding cake

We just dropped off this wedding cake for Michelle & Kevin's big day. They had asked us to help them celebrate this special day with a 3 tiered wedding cake in cream fondant with royal icing scrolls.

Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese make up the top and bottom tiers of this cake while the center tier is chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla cream.

The flowers of choice were purple orchids, purple tulips and cream roses.  All flowers were made from gum paste.

We wish Michelle & Kevin a wonderful day
and a beautiful life together!

May 10, 2013

Scrapbook bridal shower

This is the last one from last weekend. This order came to us by a good friend of Mel's. Sara's sister Kate is getting married and Sara asked if we could make a cake to help celebrate.  She provided us with a few pictures of her sister Kate and asked if we could incorporate them on a cake. So we thought of making a Scrap book cake.

The cake is a chocolate Guinness cake filled with white chocolate cream. All details are made from fondant and edible prints.  Sara told us that Kate loves purple in every shade so we made these 2 scrape book pages in various shades of purple and it would only be fitting to make the book binding in purple. A little glitter added here and there.

This page has pictures of a younger Kate through the years.  The next page is of a more mature Kate with her parents and the love of her life soon to be married.

We wish Kate all the love and happiness for a beautiful future with her soon to be husband.

Sweet 16 - Tiffany Gift box & cupcakes

Still catching up on last weekend.  I was contacted by Sharlene who was referred to us through a friend.  Her daughter was celebrating her 16th Birthday last Sunday and she asked if we could make some mini cupcakes and a Tiffany Gift Box cake as the topper of a cupcake tower.

The cake is a red velvet with vanilla cream filling covered in the Tiffany blue fondant. The bow, ribbon and tags was made from gum paste.

280 mini cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate and vanilla topped with vanilla buttercream with blue sprinkles and a little glitter sprinkles.

We wish Rachel a very happy sweet 16!
hope you had a fabulous party

Jake & the Neverland Pirates

OK, a little catch up here. Last Saturday was Brandin's 5th Birthday. His mom Mary had asked if we could make his cake and his request was Jake & the Neverland Pirates.  Boy do you learn a lot about kids making their cakes, of course I knew about Jake and the Neverland Pirates since my little grandson likes watching this cartoon as well.

So Mel and I thought we'd take this cake a little further than the last Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake and make the ship out of the cake.  Brandin's request of flavours was vanilla cake with vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

We purchased the little characters so that Brandin had a souvenir of his birthday cake.  Mel, Phil and my 2 little grandkids were at Brandin's party and the cake was a hit.

The sail and flag are made from gum paste, all other details are made from fondant.

Brandin's mom Mary also requested Jake and the Neverland Pirates cookies so she could include one in each of the loot bags Brandin was giving out to his little friends.

Our yummy sugar cookies with fondant details topped with edible images of Jake and the gang.

Happy Birthday Brandin!